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The Babysitter: Killer Queen

The Babysitter: Killer Queen

Face Your Demons. Survive the Night.

Two years after defeating a satanic cult led by his babysitter Bee, Cole's trying to forget his past and focus on surviving high school. But when old enemies unexpectedly return, Cole will once again have to outsmart the forces of evil.

Release Date : 10 Sep, 2020
Duration : 1h 41m
Comedy Horror
Vote Average : 6.416 Vote Count : 1,191 Popularity : 58.851

Top Billed Casting

  • Judah Lewis

    Judah Lewis

    Cole Johnson


  • Samara Weaving

    Samara Weaving



  • Jenna Ortega

    Jenna Ortega

    Phoebe Atwell


  • Emily Alyn Lind

    Emily Alyn Lind



  • Andrew Bachelor

    Andrew Bachelor



  • Robbie Amell

    Robbie Amell



  • Bella Thorne

    Bella Thorne



  • Hana Mae Lee

    Hana Mae Lee



  • Ken Marino

    Ken Marino



  • Leslie Bibb

    Leslie Bibb



  • Chris Wylde

    Chris Wylde



  • Carl McDowell

    Carl McDowell

    Dr. Big Carl McManus


  • Maximilian Acevedo

    Maximilian Acevedo



  • Juliocesar Chavez

    Juliocesar Chavez



  • Jennifer Foster

    Jennifer Foster

    Boom Boom


  • Raymond Patterson

    Raymond Patterson

    Mr. Nordy


  • Valentina Mandala

    Valentina Mandala

    Young Phoebe


  • Amanda Cerny

    Amanda Cerny



  • Helen Hong

    Helen Hong

    Principal Highbridge


  • Jason Rogel

    Jason Rogel

    Officer Phil


  • Scott MacArthur

    Scott MacArthur



  • Nandini Minocha

    Nandini Minocha

    Sheila the Interviewer


  • Rachel Paulson

    Rachel Paulson

    Tasty Freeze Customer


  • Jonathan Bray

    Jonathan Bray



  • Sean Burgos

    Sean Burgos



  • Melanie Herrera

    Melanie Herrera



  • Easton Alexeyev

    Easton Alexeyev

    Demon Nurse


  • Alan C. Schwartz

    Alan C. Schwartz

    Brian Pankauskas


  • Olabisi Kovabel

    Olabisi Kovabel

    Mia 'Howard' Hughes


  • Jose Diaz

    Jose Diaz

    High School Male Student


  • Tanner Zingleman

    Tanner Zingleman

    High School Athlete


  • Bear McCreary

    Bear McCreary

    Frank the Recording Artist


  • Harrison Thomas Boxley

    Harrison Thomas Boxley

    Prepster (uncredited)


  • Ashley Brant

    Ashley Brant

    Bikini Girl (uncredited)


  • Molly Cravens

    Molly Cravens

    Party Goer (uncredited)


  • Kapri Dabrowska

    Kapri Dabrowska

    Cult Leader (uncredited)


  • On Mekahel

    On Mekahel

    Party Guest (uncredited)


  • Amber Pauline

    Amber Pauline

    Hot Bikini Girl (uncredited)


  • Sofia Piassi

    Sofia Piassi

    Party Goer (uncredited)


  • Rylee Ryan

    Rylee Ryan

    Girl (uncredited)


  • Emily Brobst

    Emily Brobst

    Party Girl (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America


A review by Kamurai

Written by Kamurai on 19 Oct, 2020

Great watch, would watch again, and can recommend. This is every bit as good as the first movie with even more good bits piled on. It's a little graphic at points, and while he was just accidentally killing the people after him in the original, he's much more "active" in the circumstances this...