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The Contractor

The Contractor

The mission is not what it seems.

After being involuntarily discharged from the U.S. Special Forces, James Harper decides to support his family by joining a private contracting organization alongside his best friend and under the command of a fellow veteran. Overseas on a covert mission, Harper must evade those trying to kill him while making his way back home.

Release Date : 10 Mar, 2022
Duration : 1h 43m
Action Thriller
Vote Average : 6.503 Vote Count : 444 Popularity : 537.341

Top Billed Casting

  • Chris Pine

    Chris Pine

    James Harper


  • Ben Foster

    Ben Foster



  • Gillian Jacobs

    Gillian Jacobs



  • Eddie Marsan

    Eddie Marsan



  • Kiefer Sutherland

    Kiefer Sutherland



  • Florian Munteanu

    Florian Munteanu



  • Tait Fletcher

    Tait Fletcher



  • Fares Fares

    Fares Fares



  • Nina Hoss

    Nina Hoss



  • J. D. Pardo

    J. D. Pardo



  • Amira Casar

    Amira Casar



  • Alexej Manvelov

    Alexej Manvelov



  • Tyner Rushing

    Tyner Rushing

    Christine Denton


  • Toby Dixon

    Toby Dixon

    Young James


  • Brian Lafontaine

    Brian Lafontaine





Original Language


Production Country

United States of America




A review by MSB

Written by MSB on 24 Mar, 2022

FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ "The Contractor is one more generic action flick with a story borrowed directly from the formulaic Hollywood closet, without any surprises or even high entertainment levels. Chris Pine is the...

A review by JPV852

Written by JPV852 on 29 May, 2022

Okay as a time-waster and perfectly watchable as Chris Pine, as always, makes for a great lead, but the story is really predictable and the finale, which I think only was 10-minutes, felt really rushed and unsatisfying. It's a mix of Jack Ryan, Bourne Identity and Shooter. Fine as a rental, not sure...

A review by CinemaSerf

Written by CinemaSerf on 02 Jun, 2022

Well, I suppose even Chris Pine has bills - and this rather lacklustre effort must have been his accountant's suggestion of best ways to pay. Here, he plays the down on his luck "Harper" - a former American Special Forces operative - who joins up with some former colleagues on an highly paid mission...