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The Departed

The Departed

Lies. Betrayal. Sacrifice. How far will you take it?

To take down South Boston's Irish Mafia, the police send in one of their own to infiltrate the underworld, not realizing the syndicate has done likewise. While an undercover cop curries favor with the mob kingpin, a career criminal rises through the police ranks. But both sides soon discover there's a mole among them.

Release Date : 04 Oct, 2006
Duration : 2h 31m
Drama Thriller Crime
Vote Average : 8.2 Vote Count : 12,485 Popularity : 30.556

Top Billed Casting

  • Jack Nicholson

    Jack Nicholson

    Francis 'Frank' Costello


  • Leonardo DiCaprio

    Leonardo DiCaprio

    William "Billy" Costigan, Jr.


  • Matt Damon

    Matt Damon

    Staff Sgt. Colin Sullivan


  • Mark Wahlberg

    Mark Wahlberg

    Staff Sgt. Sean Dignam


  • Vera Farmiga

    Vera Farmiga

    Dr. Madolyn Madden


  • Martin Sheen

    Martin Sheen

    Capt. Oliver Charles Queenan


  • Ray Winstone

    Ray Winstone

    Arnold "Frenchy" French


  • Anthony Anderson

    Anthony Anderson

    Trooper Brown


  • Alec Baldwin

    Alec Baldwin

    Capt. George Ellerby


  • Kevin Corrigan

    Kevin Corrigan

    Cousin Sean


  • James Badge Dale

    James Badge Dale



  • David O'Hara

    David O'Hara



  • Robert Wahlberg

    Robert Wahlberg



  • Kristen Dalton

    Kristen Dalton



  • Thomas B. Duffy

    Thomas B. Duffy



  • Richard Hughes

    Richard Hughes

    Uncle Edward


  • Chance Kelly

    Chance Kelly

    Exam Instructor


  • Larry Mitchell

    Larry Mitchell

    Younger Priest


  • Mark Rolston

    Mark Rolston



  • J. C. MacKenzie

    J. C. MacKenzie



  • Mary Klug

    Mary Klug

    Billy's Aunt


  • Robert 'Toshi' Kar Yuen Chan

    Robert 'Toshi' Kar Yuen Chan

    Triad Boss


  • Peg Holzemer

    Peg Holzemer

    Mrs. Kennefick


  • Gurdeep Singh

    Gurdeep Singh

    Pakistani Proprietor


  • Armen Garo

    Armen Garo

    Providence Gangster #1


  • John Cenatiempo

    John Cenatiempo

    Providence Gangster #2


  • Brian Smyj

    Brian Smyj

    Man Glassed in Bar


  • William Severs

    William Severs

    Older Priest


  • Douglas Crosby

    Douglas Crosby

    Man Killed by French


  • Dorothy Lyman

    Dorothy Lyman

    Woman at Bar #1


  • Audrie Neenan

    Audrie Neenan

    Woman at Bar #2


  • Conor Donovan

    Conor Donovan

    Young Colin


  • Patrick Coppola

    Patrick Coppola

    Bookie Harassed by French


  • Mick O'Rourke

    Mick O'Rourke

    Jimmy Bags


  • Nellie Sciutto

    Nellie Sciutto

    Queenan's Secretary


  • Henry Yuk

    Henry Yuk

    Chinese Government Man


  • John Rue

    John Rue

    Luncheonette Proprietor


  • Joseph P. Reidy

    Joseph P. Reidy

    Priest with Young Colin


  • John Farrer

    John Farrer

    Priest at Billy's Funeral


  • Billy Smith

    Billy Smith

    Detective #1 Tailing Queenan


  • Brian Haley

    Brian Haley

    Detective #2 Tailing Queenan


  • Terry Serpico

    Terry Serpico

    Detective #3 Tailing Queenan


  • Jay Giannone

    Jay Giannone

    Detective #4 Tailing Queenan


  • David Conley

    David Conley

    Gang Member with Mr. French


  • Tracey Paleo

    Tracey Paleo

    Darlene the Secretary


  • Jill Brown

    Jill Brown

    Executed Woman


  • Tom Kemp

    Tom Kemp

    Billy Costigan, Sr. (credit only)


  • Kevin P. McCarthy

    Kevin P. McCarthy

    Detective #1 - Colin's Unit


  • Chris Fischer

    Chris Fischer

    Detective #2 - Colin's Unit


  • Joseph Riccobene

    Joseph Riccobene

    Kneecapped Bankrobber


  • Johnny Cicco

    Johnny Cicco

    Crack Addict


  • Lyman Chen

    Lyman Chen



  • Shay Duffin

    Shay Duffin

    Bartender at Brasserie


  • David Fischer

    David Fischer

    Executed Man


  • Emma Tillinger Koskoff

    Emma Tillinger Koskoff

    Woman with Dog


  • Craig 'Radioman' Castaldo

    Craig 'Radioman' Castaldo

    Crack House Denizen


  • Francesca Scorsese

    Francesca Scorsese

    Little Girl at Airport


  • Dennis Lynch

    Dennis Lynch

    Costello's Crew #1


  • Michael Byron

    Michael Byron

    Costello's Crew #2


  • Takumi Bando

    Takumi Bando

    Triad (uncredited)


  • Eric Bruno Borgman

    Eric Bruno Borgman

    Reporter (uncredited)


  • Brendan Burke

    Brendan Burke

    Irish Thug (uncredited)


  • Chris Chinn

    Chris Chinn

    Gang Member (uncredited)


  • Jeffrey Corazzini

    Jeffrey Corazzini

    Crime Scene Unit (uncredited)


  • Jim Ford

    Jim Ford

    Cadet (uncredited)


  • Trudi Goodman

    Trudi Goodman

    Woman Office Worker (uncredited)


  • Steve Lord

    Steve Lord

    Academy Pistol Coach (uncredited)


  • Jack McCullough

    Jack McCullough

    EMT (uncredited)


  • Osmani Rodriguez

    Osmani Rodriguez

    Reporter (uncredited)


  • Lawrence Cameron Steele

    Lawrence Cameron Steele

    Academy Firearms Instructor (uncredited)


  • Conor Timmis

    Conor Timmis

    Rugby Fan (uncredited)


  • Joseph Oliveira

    Joseph Oliveira

    Officer (uncredited)


  • Adam Masnyk

    Adam Masnyk

    Southie Teen / Soccer Player (uncredited)


  • John Franchi

    John Franchi

    Pedestrian (uncredited)


  • Paul McGillicuddy

    Paul McGillicuddy

    Subway Passenger (uncredited)


  • Kim Carrell

    Kim Carrell

    MA State Police Detective


  • Rebecca Love

    Rebecca Love

    Adult Film Actress (uncredited)


  • Sarah Fearon

    Sarah Fearon

    French's Wife




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America






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