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The Doomsday Flight

The Doomsday Flight

A bomb on board an airliner has an altitude-sensitive trigger. Unless a ransom is paid, it will explode when the plane descends to land.

Release Date : 13 Dec, 1966
Duration : 1h 40m
TV Movie Thriller
Vote Average : 6.8 Vote Count : 3 Popularity : 1.53

Top Billed Casting

  • Jack Lord

    Jack Lord

    Special Agent Frank Thompson


  • Edmond O'Brien

    Edmond O'Brien

    The Man


  • Katherine Crawford

    Katherine Crawford



  • John Saxon

    John Saxon

    George Ducette


  • Van Johnson

    Van Johnson

    Capt. Anderson


  • Tom Simcox

    Tom Simcox

    Chipps, Flight Engineer


  • Michael Sarrazin

    Michael Sarrazin

    Army Corporal


  • Ed Asner

    Ed Asner



  • Malachi Throne

    Malachi Throne



  • Robert Pickering

    Robert Pickering



  • Jan Shepard

    Jan Shepard

    Elizabeth Thompson


  • Greg Morris

    Greg Morris

    Balaban, FBI Agent


  • Richard Carlson

    Richard Carlson

    Chief Pilot Bob Shea


  • David Lewis

    David Lewis

    Mr. Rierdon


  • Howard Caine

    Howard Caine

    L.A. Dispatcher


  • John Kellogg

    John Kellogg

    Dan Seaton


  • Bernadette Hale

    Bernadette Hale



  • Celia Lovsky

    Celia Lovsky

    Elderly Woman


  • Dee Pollock

    Dee Pollock

    SpeedyJet Messenger


  • Edward Faulkner

    Edward Faulkner

    Reilly, Co-Pilot


  • Don Wilbanks

    Don Wilbanks

    Bomb Disposal Man


  • Don Stewart

    Don Stewart



  • Pitt Herbert

    Pitt Herbert

    Witness at Accident


  • S. John Launer

    S. John Launer



  • Robert P. Lieb

    Robert P. Lieb

    SpeedyJet Dispatcher


  • Noam Pitlik

    Noam Pitlik

    Air Traffic Controller


  • Bert Remsen

    Bert Remsen

    Police Officer


  • Len Wayland

    Len Wayland

    Agent Foster




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America