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The Exorcist

The Exorcist

Something almost beyond comprehension is happening to a girl on this street, in this house… and a man has been sent for as a last resort. This man is The Exorcist.

12-year-old Regan MacNeil begins to adapt an explicit new personality as strange events befall the local area of Georgetown. Her mother becomes torn between science and superstition in a desperate bid to save her daughter, and ultimately turns to her last hope: Father Damien Karras, a troubled priest who is struggling with his own faith.

Release Date : 26 Dec, 1973
Duration : 2h 2m
Vote Average : 7.716 Vote Count : 6,522 Popularity : 116.024

Top Billed Casting

  • Ellen Burstyn

    Ellen Burstyn

    Chris MacNeil


  • Linda Blair

    Linda Blair

    Regan Teresa MacNeil


  • Jason Miller

    Jason Miller

    Father Damien Karras


  • Max von Sydow

    Max von Sydow

    Father Lankester Merrin


  • Lee J. Cobb

    Lee J. Cobb

    Lt. William F. Kinderman


  • Kitty Winn

    Kitty Winn

    Sharon Spencer


  • Jack MacGowran

    Jack MacGowran

    Burke Dennings


  • William O'Malley

    William O'Malley

    Father Joseph Dyer


  • Barton Heyman

    Barton Heyman

    Dr. Samuel Klein


  • Peter Masterson

    Peter Masterson

    Dr. Barringer


  • Rudolf Schündler

    Rudolf Schündler



  • Gina Petrushka

    Gina Petrushka



  • Robert Symonds

    Robert Symonds

    Dr. Taney


  • Arthur Storch

    Arthur Storch



  • Thomas Bermingham

    Thomas Bermingham



  • Vasiliki Maliaros

    Vasiliki Maliaros

    Mary Karras


  • Titos Vandis

    Titos Vandis

    Uncle John


  • John Mahon

    John Mahon

    Language Lab Director


  • Wallace Rooney

    Wallace Rooney

    Bishop Michael


  • Ron Faber

    Ron Faber

    Chuck / Demon (voice)


  • Donna Mitchell

    Donna Mitchell

    Mary Jo Perrin


  • Roy Cooper

    Roy Cooper

    Jesuit Dean


  • Robert Gerringer

    Robert Gerringer

    Senator at Party


  • Mercedes McCambridge

    Mercedes McCambridge

    Demon (voice)


  • Paul Bateson

    Paul Bateson

    Radiologist's Assistant (uncredited)


  • Elinore Blair

    Elinore Blair

    Nurse (uncredited)


  • William Peter Blatty

    William Peter Blatty

    The Producer (uncredited)


  • Mary Boylan

    Mary Boylan

    First Mental Patient (uncredited)


  • Dick Callinan

    Dick Callinan

    Astronaut (uncredited)


  • Mason Curry

    Mason Curry

    Doctor (voice) (uncredited)


  • Toni Darnay

    Toni Darnay

    Violent psychotic patient (uncredited)


  • Eileen Dietz

    Eileen Dietz

    Demon / Regan Double (uncredited)


  • Joanne Dusseau

    Joanne Dusseau

    Senator's Wife (uncredited)


  • Bernard Eismann

    Bernard Eismann

    Minor Role (uncredited)


  • Beatrice Hunter

    Beatrice Hunter

    Minor Role (uncredited)


  • Yvonne Jones

    Yvonne Jones

    Bellevue Nurse (uncredited)


  • Don LaBonte

    Don LaBonte

    Minor Role (uncredited)


  • Barton Lane

    Barton Lane

    Angiography Doctor (uncredited)


  • Ann Miles

    Ann Miles

    Spiderwalk (uncredited)


  • John Nicola

    John Nicola

    Priest (uncredited)


  • Vincent Russell

    Vincent Russell

    Subway Vagrant (uncredited)


  • Gerard F. Yates

    Gerard F. Yates

    Priest Singing Around Piano at Party (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America






A review by Potential Kermode

Written by Potential Kermode on 16 Feb, 2017

**Shocking rather than frightening.** Friedkin's The Exorcist is a film that shocks rather than scares. A well made film that achieved notoriety via pea soup. A slow and intelligent film with strong performances - yet also a mostly disappointing one for those who dare to go beyond the hype and ac...