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The Great Buddha: Arrival

The Great Buddha: Arrival

You can not reach Sukhavati without watching this.

An all-star reboot of the lost classic 1934 film, The Giant Buddha Statue's Travel Through The Country, made with the cooperation of director Yoshiro Edamasa's grandson. From Japan, a modern kaiju story based on what may be the first kaiju film.

Release Date : 15 Dec, 2018
Duration : 1h 0m
Fantasy Science Fiction
Vote Average : 6 Vote Count : 3 Popularity : 0.929

Top Billed Casting

  • Akira Takarada

    Akira Takarada


  • Yuki Morita

    Yuki Morita


  • Toshi Toda

    Toshi Toda


  • Yukiko Kobayashi

    Yukiko Kobayashi


  • Yukijiro Hotaru

    Yukijiro Hotaru


  • Yoshirō Uchida

    Yoshirō Uchida


  • Philip Granger

    Philip Granger


  • Shelley Sweeney

    Shelley Sweeney


  • Peggy Neal

    Peggy Neal


  • Akira Kubo

    Akira Kubo


  • Robert Scott Field

    Robert Scott Field


  • Norman England

    Norman England


  • Takashi Yasuda

    Takashi Yasuda




Original Language


Production Country