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The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden

Never did they expect to get into a controversial relationship...

A Japanese woman hires a handmaiden who is secretly working with a con man to cheat her out of her wealth.

Release Date : 01 Jun, 2016
Duration : 2h 25m
Thriller Drama Romance
Vote Average : 8.265 Vote Count : 2,839 Popularity : 43.068

Top Billed Casting

  • Kim Min-hee

    Kim Min-hee

    Lady Hideko


  • Kim Tae-ri

    Kim Tae-ri



  • Ha Jung-woo

    Ha Jung-woo

    Count Fujiwara


  • Cho Jin-woong

    Cho Jin-woong

    Uncle Kouzuki


  • Kim Hae-sook

    Kim Hae-sook

    Ms. Sasaki


  • Moon So-ri

    Moon So-ri

    Aunt of Noble Lady


  • Lee Yong-nyeo

    Lee Yong-nyeo



  • Kwak Eun-jin

    Kwak Eun-jin



  • Lee Dong-hwi

    Lee Dong-hwi



  • Jo Eun-hyung

    Jo Eun-hyung

    Young Hideko


  • Rina Takagi

    Rina Takagi

    Hideko's Mother


  • Han Ha-na

    Han Ha-na



  • Lee Kyu-jung

    Lee Kyu-jung

    Maid 1


  • Kim Si-eun

    Kim Si-eun

    Maid 2


  • Ha Si-yeon

    Ha Si-yeon

    Maid 3


  • Kim Eun-yeong

    Kim Eun-yeong

    Maid 4


  • Jeong Ha-dam

    Jeong Ha-dam

    Maid 5


  • Kim In-woo

    Kim In-woo

    Audience Member


  • Choi Byung-mo

    Choi Byung-mo

    Audience Member


  • Choi Jong-ryul

    Choi Jong-ryul

    Audience Member


  • Bae Il-hyuck

    Bae Il-hyuck

    Audience Member


  • Oh Man-seok

    Oh Man-seok

    Audience Member


  • Tomomitsu Adachi

    Tomomitsu Adachi

    Mental Hospital Doctor 1


  • Takashi Kakizawa

    Takashi Kakizawa

    Mental Hospital Doctor 2


  • Seon Uk-hyeon

    Seon Uk-hyeon

    Harbor Ticket Office Staff


  • Lim Han-bin

    Lim Han-bin

    Boy in picture (uncredited)


  • Shinsuke Fujimoto

    Shinsuke Fujimoto

    Japanese Officer


  • Won Geun-hui

    Won Geun-hui



  • Jung In-gyeom

    Jung In-gyeom

    Ronin 1


  • Nam Gyeong-min

    Nam Gyeong-min

    Ronin 2


  • Lee Ji-ha

    Lee Ji-ha

    Female owner of ryokan


  • Katsuhiro Nagano

    Katsuhiro Nagano





Original Language


Production Country

South Korea






A review by Reno

Written by Reno on 11 Aug, 2017

**In the circle of romance, deceive and defraud.** Those who are into the world cinema, particularly the Korean, knows Park Chan-wook very well. But if you don't, then you must. His films are definitely for the grown ups. Like everybody else, my admiration for his work has started a decade ago wi...