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The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince

In 1895, Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) was the most famous writer in London, and Bosie Douglas, son of the notorious Marquess of Queensberry, was his lover. Accused and convicted of gross indecency, he was imprisoned for two years and subjected to hard labor. Once free, he abandons England to live in France, where he will spend his last years, haunted by memories of the past, poverty and immense sadness.

Release Date : 12 Apr, 2018
Duration : 1h 41m
Vote Average : 6.482 Vote Count : 137 Popularity : 10.149

Top Billed Casting

  • Rupert Everett

    Rupert Everett

    Oscar Wilde


  • Colin Firth

    Colin Firth

    Reggie Turner


  • Emily Watson

    Emily Watson

    Constance Wilde


  • Colin Morgan

    Colin Morgan

    Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas


  • Edwin Thomas

    Edwin Thomas

    Robbie Ross


  • Franca Abategiovanni

    Franca Abategiovanni

    Felice's Mother


  • Alister Cameron

    Alister Cameron

    Mr. Howard


  • Anna Chancellor

    Anna Chancellor

    Mrs. Arbuthnott


  • Béatrice Dalle

    Béatrice Dalle

    Café Concert Manager


  • Tom Colley

    Tom Colley

    Maurice Gilbert


  • Johanna Kirby

    Johanna Kirby



  • André Penvern

    André Penvern

    Monsieur Dupoirier


  • Ronald Pickup

    Ronald Pickup



  • Matteo Salamone

    Matteo Salamone



  • Antonio Spagnuolo

    Antonio Spagnuolo



  • John Standing

    John Standing

    Dr. Tucker


  • Benjamin Voisin

    Benjamin Voisin



  • Tom Wilkinson

    Tom Wilkinson

    Father Dunne


  • Julian Wadham

    Julian Wadham

    Mr. Arbuthnott


  • Caterina D'Andrea

    Caterina D'Andrea



  • Manu Asencio

    Manu Asencio

    Hotel Sandwich Bellboy


  • Jean-Luc Bubert

    Jean-Luc Bubert

    Man with Tart


  • Oliver Cater

    Oliver Cater

    Cyril Holland Aged 11


  • Cyril Cordonnier

    Cyril Cordonnier

    Café de la Paix Waiter


  • Thierry de Coster

    Thierry de Coster

    Henri the Waiter


  • Eleonora Costadura

    Eleonora Costadura

    Felice's Wife


  • Jacky Druaux

    Jacky Druaux

    Hotel Sandwich Manager


  • Laurent D'Elia

    Laurent D'Elia

    Rouen Station Announcer


  • Raffaele Gargiulo

    Raffaele Gargiulo



  • Patrick Hannaway

    Patrick Hannaway

    Burly Man


  • Aaron Henke

    Aaron Henke

    Vyvyan Holland Aged 3


  • Hans-Jürgen Honikel

    Hans-Jürgen Honikel



  • Jerry Joner

    Jerry Joner

    Hôtel de la Plague Manager


  • Alexis Julemont

    Alexis Julemont

    Hotel Sandwich Attractive Waiter


  • Kit Loyd

    Kit Loyd

    Undergraduate #2


  • Joshua McGuire

    Joshua McGuire

    Ambrose Smithers - Undergraduate #1


  • Vincenzo Messina

    Vincenzo Messina



  • Philip Noel

    Philip Noel

    Top Hat #2


  • Teodoro Petti

    Teodoro Petti

    Cimitero delle Fontanelle Guide


  • Arnaud Peiffer

    Arnaud Peiffer

    Hotel Sandwich Bellboy


  • Lo Polidoro

    Lo Polidoro

    Café Concert Singer


  • Gerard Rocher

    Gerard Rocher

    Old Priest


  • Werner Rößler

    Werner Rößler

    Marquess of Queensberry


  • Malo Scheen

    Malo Scheen

    Bosie's New Boyfriend


  • Toby Sherborne

    Toby Sherborne

    Prison Warden


  • Philipp Spiegel

    Philipp Spiegel

    Café Concert Waiter


  • Yannick Thor

    Yannick Thor

    Cyril Holland Aged 4


  • Christian Tye

    Christian Tye

    French Poet


  • Sarah Vandenabeele

    Sarah Vandenabeele

    Rouen Station Passerby


  • Dylan Waters

    Dylan Waters

    Vyvyan Holland Aged 10


  • Sam Barrett

    Sam Barrett

    Undergraduate #3


  • Howard Perret

    Howard Perret

    Undergraduate #4


  • Sam Perry

    Sam Perry

    Undergraduate #5


  • Torren Simonsz

    Torren Simonsz

    Undergraduate #6




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