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The Hidden Blade

The Hidden Blade

Set in 19th Century Japan a young samurai who finds himself in love with a farm girl leaves his home to begin a new life. He has to take stock of his new life when he is put to the test and ordered to kill a traitor who just happens to be his dearest friend.

Release Date : 30 Oct, 2004
Duration : 2h 12m
Drama Romance
Vote Average : 7.441 Vote Count : 76 Popularity : 4.33

Top Billed Casting

  • Masatoshi Nagase

    Masatoshi Nagase

    Munezô Katagiri


  • Takako Matsu

    Takako Matsu



  • Hidetaka Yoshioka

    Hidetaka Yoshioka

    Samon Shimada


  • Yukiyoshi Ozawa

    Yukiyoshi Ozawa

    Yaichirô Hazama


  • Tomoko Tabata

    Tomoko Tabata

    Shino Katagiri


  • Chieko Baisho

    Chieko Baisho

    Mrs. Katagiri


  • Kunie Tanaka

    Kunie Tanaka

    Kanbê Katagiri


  • Sachiko Mitsumoto

    Sachiko Mitsumoto

    Mrs. Iseya


  • Reiko Takashima

    Reiko Takashima

    Hazama's Wife


  • Nana Saito

    Nana Saito



  • Nenji Kobayashi

    Nenji Kobayashi



  • Ken Ogata

    Ken Ogata

    Chief Retainer Hori


  • Min Tanaka

    Min Tanaka

    Kansai Toda


  • Toshiki Ayata

    Toshiki Ayata


  • Hiroshi Kanbe

    Hiroshi Kanbe


  • Satoko Yamamura

    Satoko Yamamura


  • Kazuhiko Kasai

    Kazuhiko Kasai


  • Ryôta Satô

    Ryôta Satô


  • Yoshiko Shinohara

    Yoshiko Shinohara


  • Koichi Kira

    Koichi Kira


  • Toru Iwasu

    Toru Iwasu


  • Yuuki Natsusaka

    Yuuki Natsusaka


  • Ryuji Komine

    Ryuji Komine


  • Tsukasa Sugawara

    Tsukasa Sugawara


  • Tamami Kaneko

    Tamami Kaneko


  • Makoto Akatsuka

    Makoto Akatsuka


  • Mantaro Koichi

    Mantaro Koichi


  • Masayasu Kitayama

    Masayasu Kitayama


  • Youji Matsuda

    Youji Matsuda


  • Koen Kondo

    Koen Kondo


  • Takashi Sasano

    Takashi Sasano




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