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The Hunchback

The Hunchback

Based on Victor Hugo's famed novel, the story of Quasimodo, the deformed bell ringer of Notre Dame, and his unrequited love for the gypsy girl, Esmeralda.

Release Date : 16 Mar, 1997
Duration : 1h 38m
Drama Horror Romance TV Movie
Vote Average : 5.8 Vote Count : 35 Popularity : 10.664

Top Billed Casting

  • Mandy Patinkin

    Mandy Patinkin



  • Richard Harris

    Richard Harris

    Dom Frollo


  • Salma Hayek

    Salma Hayek



  • Edward Atterton

    Edward Atterton



  • Benedick Blythe

    Benedick Blythe



  • Nigel Terry

    Nigel Terry

    King Louis XI


  • Jim Dale

    Jim Dale



  • Trevor Baxter

    Trevor Baxter

    Chief Lawyer


  • Vernon Dobtcheff

    Vernon Dobtcheff

    Father Michel


  • Nickolas Grace

    Nickolas Grace



  • Matthew Sim

    Matthew Sim

    Crippled Man


  • Cassie Stuart

    Cassie Stuart



  • Gabi Fón

    Gabi Fón

    Queen Anne


  • Michael Mehlmann

    Michael Mehlmann



  • Olga Antal

    Olga Antal

    Woman in Crowd


  • Zoltán Bán

    Zoltán Bán



  • Scott Bellefeville

    Scott Bellefeville

    Prison Guard


  • Gábor Csíkos

    Gábor Csíkos

    Man in Crowd #2


  • Sean Fuller

    Sean Fuller

    Prison Guard


  • Zoltán Gera

    Zoltán Gera

    Overweight Noble


  • Kálmán Hollai

    Kálmán Hollai

    Tough #1


  • István Hunyadkürthy

    István Hunyadkürthy

    Man in Crowd #3


  • Zsolt Körtvélyessy

    Zsolt Körtvélyessy

    Soldier #2


  • Levente Tamási

    Levente Tamási

    Cut Purse


  • Veronika Megyeri

    Veronika Megyeri

    Woman in Crowd


  • Zoltán Pálfi

    Zoltán Pálfi



  • Erika Sajgál

    Erika Sajgál

    Young Noble


  • Bella Tanay

    Bella Tanay

    Noble Woman


  • Richard Toth

    Richard Toth

    Prison Guard


  • Gabor Peter Vincze

    Gabor Peter Vincze

    Man in Crowd


  • Zsolt Zágoni

    Zsolt Zágoni

    Gallow's Guard




Original Language


Production Country

Czech Republic