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The Irishman

The Irishman

His story changed history

Pennsylvania, 1956. Frank Sheeran, a war veteran of Irish origin who works as a truck driver, accidentally meets mobster Russell Bufalino. Once Frank becomes his trusted man, Bufalino sends him to Chicago with the task of helping Jimmy Hoffa, a powerful union leader related to organized crime, with whom Frank will maintain a close friendship for nearly twenty years.

Release Date : 01 Nov, 2019
Duration : 3h 29m
Crime Drama History
Vote Average : 7.632 Vote Count : 5,593 Popularity : 25.175

Top Billed Casting

  • Robert De Niro

    Robert De Niro

    Frank Sheeran


  • Al Pacino

    Al Pacino

    Jimmy Hoffa


  • Joe Pesci

    Joe Pesci

    Russell Bufalino


  • Stephen Graham

    Stephen Graham

    Anthony 'Tony Pro' Provenzano


  • Ray Romano

    Ray Romano

    Bill Bufalino


  • Harvey Keitel

    Harvey Keitel

    Angelo Bruno


  • Bobby Cannavale

    Bobby Cannavale

    'Skinny Razor'


  • Anna Paquin

    Anna Paquin

    Older Peggy Sheeran


  • Stephanie Kurtzuba

    Stephanie Kurtzuba

    Irene Sheeran


  • Kathrine Narducci

    Kathrine Narducci

    Carrie Bufalino


  • Welker White

    Welker White

    Josephine 'Jo' Hoffa


  • Jesse Plemons

    Jesse Plemons

    Chuckie O'Brien


  • Jack Huston

    Jack Huston

    Robert Kennedy - RFK


  • Domenick Lombardozzi

    Domenick Lombardozzi

    'Fat Tony' Salerno


  • Paul Herman

    Paul Herman

    'Whispers' DiTullio


  • Louis Cancelmi

    Louis Cancelmi

    'Sally Bugs'


  • Gary Basaraba

    Gary Basaraba

    Frank 'Fitz' Fitzsimmons


  • Marin Ireland

    Marin Ireland

    Older Dolores Sheeran


  • Sebastian Maniscalco

    Sebastian Maniscalco

    'Crazy Joe' Gallo


  • Steven Van Zandt

    Steven Van Zandt

    Jerry Vale


  • Lucy Gallina

    Lucy Gallina

    Young Peggy Sheeran


  • Jonathan Morris

    Jonathan Morris

    Assisted Living Priest


  • Dascha Polanco

    Dascha Polanco



  • Bo Dietl

    Bo Dietl

    Joe Glimco


  • Aleksa Palladino

    Aleksa Palladino

    Mary Sheeran


  • Daniel H. Jenkins

    Daniel H. Jenkins

    E. Howard 'Big Ears' Hunt


  • Jim Norton

    Jim Norton

    Don Rickles


  • Billy Smith

    Billy Smith

    FBI Agent #1


  • Kevin O'Rourke

    Kevin O'Rourke

    John McCullough


  • Action Bronson

    Action Bronson

    Casket Salesman


  • Glenn Cunningham

    Glenn Cunningham



  • Paul Ben-Victor

    Paul Ben-Victor

    Jake Gottlieb


  • Patrick Gallo

    Patrick Gallo

    Anthony 'Tony Jack' Giacalone


  • James Martin

    James Martin

    Mother of Sorrows Priest


  • Jake Hoffman

    Jake Hoffman

    Allen Dorfman


  • Barry Primus

    Barry Primus

    Ewing King


  • Danny A. Abeckaser

    Danny A. Abeckaser



  • Anthony J. Gallo

    Anthony J. Gallo

    Food Fair Manager


  • J. C. MacKenzie

    J. C. MacKenzie

    Prosecutor Jim Neal


  • Joseph Bono

    Joseph Bono

    Frank Sindone


  • Jamil Antonio Stefan

    Jamil Antonio Stefan

    Phil Testa


  • Louis Vanaria

    Louis Vanaria

    Dave Ferrie


  • Craig Vincent

    Craig Vincent

    Ed Partin


  • John Polce

    John Polce

    Joe Colombo


  • Joseph Riccobene

    Joseph Riccobene

    Jimmy 'The Weasel' Fratianno


  • Vinny Vella

    Vinny Vella

    Meat Company Yard Manager


  • Thomas E. Sullivan

    Thomas E. Sullivan

    Warren Swanson


  • John Cenatiempo

    John Cenatiempo

    Anthony 'Tony 3 Fingers' Castellito


  • Robert Mladinich

    Robert Mladinich

    Anastasia's Bodyguard


  • Rich Reilly

    Rich Reilly

    Phil the Bartender


  • Robert Funaro

    Robert Funaro

    Johnny - Friendly Lounge


  • Tess Price

    Tess Price

    Young Maryanne Sheeran


  • Jennifer Mudge

    Jennifer Mudge

    Older Maryanne Sheeran


  • India Ennenga

    India Ennenga

    Young Dolores


  • Jordyn DiNatale

    Jordyn DiNatale

    Young Connie Sheeran


  • Kate Arrington

    Kate Arrington

    Older Connie Sheeran


  • Bernie Martin

    Bernie Martin



  • Philip Suriano

    Philip Suriano

    Silver Shop Owner


  • Tony Suriano

    Tony Suriano

    Silver Shop Owner's Son


  • Jason A. Iannacone

    Jason A. Iannacone

    German Prisoner #1


  • Michael C. Brennan

    Michael C. Brennan

    German Prisoner #2


  • James P. Harkins

    James P. Harkins

    John the Redhead


  • Al Linea

    Al Linea

    Sam 'Momo' Giancana


  • Garry Pastore

    Garry Pastore

    Albert Anastasia


  • Frank Pietrangolare

    Frank Pietrangolare

    Bartender - Friendly Lounge


  • Frank Aquilino

    Frank Aquilino

    Friendly Lounge Guy 'Butchie'


  • Johnny T. Sollitto

    Johnny T. Sollitto

    Friendly Lounge Patron


  • Patrick Murney

    Patrick Murney

    Peggy's Godfather


  • Samantha Soule

    Samantha Soule

    Peggy's Godmother


  • Richard V. Licata

    Richard V. Licata

    Judge - Frank's First Trial


  • Vito Picone

    Vito Picone

    Villa Roma Manager


  • Larry Mazza

    Larry Mazza

    Anastasia's Hitman #1


  • Craig DiFrancia

    Craig DiFrancia

    Anastasia's Hitman #2


  • Ira Drukier

    Ira Drukier

    Motel Manager


  • Jon Bruno

    Jon Bruno

    Russell's Bodyguard


  • Paul Borghese

    Paul Borghese

    Mobster #1 - Curtain Shop


  • Steven Maglio

    Steven Maglio

    Mobster #2 - Curtain Shop / Copa Guest #1


  • James Licata

    James Licata

    Mobster #3 - Curtain Shop


  • Veronica Alicino

    Veronica Alicino

    Curtain Shop Staff #1


  • Mike Massimino

    Mike Massimino

    Curtain Shop Staff #2


  • James Ciccone

    James Ciccone

    Anastasia's Mobster in Car #1


  • Ron Castellano

    Ron Castellano

    Anastasia's Mobster in Car #2


  • Marco Greco

    Marco Greco



  • Meghan Rafferty

    Meghan Rafferty

    Bill Bufalino's Wife


  • Aldo Sergi

    Aldo Sergi



  • James Lorinz

    James Lorinz

    Hoffa's Rally Teamster #1


  • Jeffrey Paul

    Jeffrey Paul

    Hoffa's Rally Teamster #2


  • Robert C. Kirk

    Robert C. Kirk

    Hoffa's Rally Teamster #3


  • Vince Maritato

    Vince Maritato

    Bathhouse Teamster


  • Lawrence Smith

    Lawrence Smith



  • Rebecca Faulkenberry

    Rebecca Faulkenberry

    Barbara Hoffa


  • Ken Wulf Clark

    Ken Wulf Clark

    James P. Hoffa


  • John Rue

    John Rue

    Senator McClellan


  • Steve Routman

    Steve Routman

    Hoffa's Attorney - George Fitzgerald


  • Fernando Vera

    Fernando Vera

    Castellito's Driver


  • Peter Claymore

    Peter Claymore

    Tough Teamster - Hoffa's Office


  • Charles DelGatto

    Charles DelGatto

    Phil - Milestone Hauling


  • Michael Gongora

    Michael Gongora

    Cuban Worker


  • Eugene Bunge

    Eugene Bunge

    Joseph Kennedy


  • Matthew F. O'Connor

    Matthew F. O'Connor

    Pro Rally Teamster #1


  • Cliff Moylan

    Cliff Moylan

    Pro Rally Teamster #2


  • Vincenzo DelRiccio

    Vincenzo DelRiccio

    Pro Rally Teamster #3


  • Steve Beauchamp

    Steve Beauchamp

    Pro Rally Teamster #4


  • Alfred Sauchelli Jr.

    Alfred Sauchelli Jr.

    Trucking Company Owner


  • Joe Giorgio

    Joe Giorgio

    Local 326 Truck Driver


  • Diana Agostini

    Diana Agostini

    Ice Cream Shop Patron #1


  • Lauren Aparicio

    Lauren Aparicio

    Ice Cream Shop Patron #2


  • Kelley Rae O'Donnell

    Kelley Rae O'Donnell

    Ice Cream Shop Staff #1


  • John Garrett Greer

    John Garrett Greer

    Ice Cream Shop Staff #2


  • Jack Caruso

    Jack Caruso

    Swanson's Booking Detective


  • John Scurti

    John Scurti

    Bertram B. Beveridge


  • Thomas J. Jenkins

    Thomas J. Jenkins

    Nashville Court Clerk


  • Steve Witting

    Steve Witting

    Judge William Miller


  • Luke Smith

    Luke Smith



  • Brent Langdon

    Brent Langdon

    Judge Frank Wilson


  • James D. Forsha

    James D. Forsha

    Tony Pro's FBI Agent #1


  • Giacomino J. Matra

    Giacomino J. Matra

    Tony Pro's Guy #1


  • Paul Pearlman

    Paul Pearlman

    Tony Pro's Guy #2


  • Frank L. Messina

    Frank L. Messina

    Tony Pro's Guy #3


  • Cilda Shaur

    Cilda Shaur

    Colombo's Wife


  • Dominick LaRuffa Jr.

    Dominick LaRuffa Jr.

    Colombo's Son #1


  • Erick Zamora

    Erick Zamora

    Colombo's Son #2


  • Joe Caniano

    Joe Caniano

    Copa Guest #2


  • Lou Martini Jr.

    Lou Martini Jr.

    Copa Guest #3


  • Michael Bottari

    Michael Bottari

    Copa Guest #4


  • John Bianco

    John Bianco

    Copa Guest #5


  • Margaret Anne Florence

    Margaret Anne Florence

    Gallo's Wife - Sina


  • Siena Marino

    Siena Marino

    Gallo's Daughter - Lisa


  • Lori Arkin

    Lori Arkin

    Gallo's Sister - Carmella Fiorello


  • Nicholas Chrysan

    Nicholas Chrysan

    Pete the Greek


  • Samantha Coppola

    Samantha Coppola

    Pete the Greek's Girlfriend


  • Logan Crawford

    Logan Crawford

    Reporter at Prison


  • Jeff DeHart

    Jeff DeHart

    President Nixon


  • Mark Fairchild

    Mark Fairchild

    Attorney General Mitchell


  • Blaise Corrigan

    Blaise Corrigan

    Dave Johnson


  • Jill Brown

    Jill Brown

    Dave Johnson's Wife


  • Tim Neff

    Tim Neff

    Little Fitz


  • Matt Walton

    Matt Walton

    TV Host - Moderator


  • Peter Jay Fernandez

    Peter Jay Fernandez

    NAACP President Cecil Moore


  • Stephen Mailer

    Stephen Mailer

    District Attorney Emmett Fitzpatrick


  • Gino Cafarelli

    Gino Cafarelli

    Mayor Frank Rizzo


  • Robin Kerbis

    Robin Kerbis

    Angelo Bruno's Wife


  • Lucia Giannetta

    Lucia Giannetta

    Tony Pro's Wife


  • Michael Romeo Ruocco

    Michael Romeo Ruocco

    Casino Photographer


  • Anne Horak

    Anne Horak

    Golddigger Dancer #2


  • Nina Lafarga

    Nina Lafarga

    Golddigger Dancer #8


  • Clark Carmichael

    Clark Carmichael



  • Joseph Russo

    Joseph Russo

    Bruno Denzetta


  • Jeremy Luke

    Jeremy Luke

    Marco Rossi


  • Barbara Eyland

    Barbara Eyland

    Guest Dancing at Casino #1


  • Tracy J. Everitt

    Tracy J. Everitt

    Guest Dancing at Casino #2


  • Saint Marino

    Saint Marino

    Wedding Wise Guy #1


  • Mario Corry

    Mario Corry

    Wedding Wise Guy #2


  • Johnny Potenza

    Johnny Potenza

    Wedding Wise Guy #3


  • Joe Passaro

    Joe Passaro

    Wedding Wise Guy #4


  • Patrick Borriello

    Patrick Borriello

    Wedding Wise Guy #5


  • Alfred Nittoli

    Alfred Nittoli

    Inmate Alfredo


  • David Aaron Baker

    David Aaron Baker

    Assistant US Attorney


  • Stanley Burns

    Stanley Burns

    Colonoscopy Doctor


  • Bill Timoney

    Bill Timoney

    Prosecutor - Frank's 2nd Trial


  • Thomas J. McDonald

    Thomas J. McDonald

    Deputy Clerk - Frank's 2nd Trial


  • Virl Andrick

    Virl Andrick

    Judge - Frank's 2nd Trial


  • Ernest L. Sanders Jr.

    Ernest L. Sanders Jr.

    Frank's Orderly


  • Bill McHugh

    Bill McHugh

    Funeral Priest


  • Kevin Kane

    Kevin Kane

    FBI Agent #2


  • Amelia Brain

    Amelia Brain

    Sales Girl at Crypt


  • Craig 'Radioman' Castaldo

    Craig 'Radioman' Castaldo

    Man in Wheelchair


  • Jacqueline Kennedy

    Jacqueline Kennedy

    Herself (archive footage)


  • John F. Kennedy

    John F. Kennedy

    Himself (archive footage)


  • Fidel Castro

    Fidel Castro

    Himself (archive footage)


  • Michael Iacono

    Michael Iacono

    Bowler (uncredited)


  • Dean Ciallella

    Dean Ciallella

    Italian Rally Supporter (uncredited)


  • Vanessa Mitchell

    Vanessa Mitchell

    Golddigger Dancer (uncredited)


  • Tommy Bayiokos

    Tommy Bayiokos

    Truck Driver (uncredited)


  • Michael Cullum

    Michael Cullum

    Juror (uncredited)


  • Rick Bolander

    Rick Bolander

    Lewisburg Guard (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America






A review by SWITCH.

Written by SWITCH. on 12 Nov, 2019

It would almost be wrong to call ‘The Irishman’ a film; rather, it acts more like a tapestry. This isn’t telling one story, but a number of stories spanning decades that just so happen to involve the same group of dangerous gangsters, sharing the same threads of beautiful cinematography, great...

A review by Stephen Campbell

Written by Stephen Campbell on 24 Nov, 2019

**_Far too long, but arguably Scorsese's most thematically complex_** >_Don't let any man into your cab, your home, or your heart, unless he's a friend of labour._ - Jimmy Hoffa >_When Jimmy saw that the house was empty, that nobody came out of any of the rooms to greet him, he knew right a...

A review by Gimly

Written by Gimly on 29 Dec, 2019

This being nominated for SAG's "Best Acting Ensemble" is basically like when _Bohemian Rhapsody_ won "Best Editing" at the Oscars. This uh... This movie's better though. _Final rating:★★★ - I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it a go._...

A review by MSB

Written by MSB on 30 Dec, 2019

It might not be Martin Scorsese’s best film yet, but it’s one more proof that he’s one of the most talented filmmakers ever. With Robert De Niro delivering his best performance of the decade, Al Pacino going crazy and Joe Pesci brilliantly coming out of retirement, The Irishman is a wonderfull...

A review by JPV852

Written by JPV852 on 07 Nov, 2020

Wanted to love this but there were moments where I sort of lost interest. And while I don't at all mind lengthy movies (Godfather Part II and Apocalypse Now are two of my favorite movies), this one was probably a good 20-minutes too long IMO. That said, nice to see De Niro at least trying to act rat...

A review by r96sk

Written by r96sk on 12 Mar, 2021

A fascinating watch - totally worth the 209 minute run time. There's so much to like about 'The Irishman'. From the top class performances, the ace cinematography, the excellent music and, most importantly, the captivating plot. I enjoyed this more than (the great) 'Goodfellas',...