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The Last Six Degrees of Celebration

The Last Six Degrees of Celebration

The celebration is where we're

"The Last Six Degrees of Celebration" will be the most touching, kind and magical of all, because your favorite characters will say goodbye to the audience. The film almanac will include five New Year stories. In the novel "Pines" millenial will help his brutal stepfather, Uncle Yura, to make a marriage proposal. In "The Brothers", the inseparable friends, Borya and Zhenya, will once again be on the verge of breaking up, because Zhenya is going to return to Yakutsk. The skier and snowboarder turned the whole city over for the sake of the smile of one beauty in the short story “Restaurant of quick acquaintance”. “The Station for Three” will tell the story of a simple girl from Voronezh who went in pursuit of her happiness - the capital actor Komarovsky, and in the novel “Bad Grandpa” the Snow Maiden will go to save a lonely, but very grumbling grandpa.

Release Date : 27 Dec, 2018
Duration : 1h 36m
Vote Average : 6.34 Vote Count : 25 Popularity : 1.577

Top Billed Casting

  • Ivan Urgant

    Ivan Urgant



  • Sergey Svetlakov

    Sergey Svetlakov



  • Dmitriy Nagiev

    Dmitriy Nagiev

    uncle Yura


  • Elena Yakovleva

    Elena Yakovleva

    Andrey's mother


  • Yuliya Aleksandrova

    Yuliya Aleksandrova



  • Daniil Vakhrushev

    Daniil Vakhrushev



  • Aleksandr Golovin

    Aleksandr Golovin

    the snowboarder


  • Alexandr Domogarov Jr.

    Alexandr Domogarov Jr.

    the skier


  • Yuriy Kuznetsov

    Yuriy Kuznetsov


  • Ekaterina Ageeva

    Ekaterina Ageeva


  • Mark Bogatyrev

    Mark Bogatyrev



  • Vera Brezhneva

    Vera Brezhneva


  • Evgeny Egorov

    Evgeny Egorov


  • Valentina Mazunina

    Valentina Mazunina


  • Anton Bogdanov

    Anton Bogdanov


  • Konstantin Khabenskiy

    Konstantin Khabenskiy


  • Vladimir Matveev

    Vladimir Matveev


  • Vladislav Vetrov

    Vladislav Vetrov


  • Daniil Izotov

    Daniil Izotov


  • Andrey Nazimov

    Andrey Nazimov


  • Taisiya Vilkova

    Taisiya Vilkova


  • Irina Arkhipova

    Irina Arkhipova


  • Natalya Potapova

    Natalya Potapova


  • Galina Stakhanova

    Galina Stakhanova


  • Anton Filipenko

    Anton Filipenko


  • Vladimir Sterzhakov

    Vladimir Sterzhakov


  • Darya Rudenok

    Darya Rudenok


  • Natalya Bochkaryova

    Natalya Bochkaryova


  • Artyom Orlov

    Artyom Orlov


  • Leonid Goryachev

    Leonid Goryachev


  • Vladimir Menshov

    Vladimir Menshov


  • Pavel Barshak

    Pavel Barshak


  • Mariya Poroshina

    Mariya Poroshina


  • Katerina Shpitsa

    Katerina Shpitsa


  • Pyotr Fyodorov

    Pyotr Fyodorov


  • Sergey Pokhodaev

    Sergey Pokhodaev


  • Alina Bulynko

    Alina Bulynko


  • Viktor Verzhbitskiy

    Viktor Verzhbitskiy


  • Aleksandr Robak

    Aleksandr Robak


  • Nikita Presnyakov

    Nikita Presnyakov


  • Andrey Bur

    Andrey Bur


  • Zoya Zinovieva

    Zoya Zinovieva


  • Sasha Spilberg

    Sasha Spilberg


  • Еlizaveta Anokhina

    Еlizaveta Anokhina

    Natasha Kotova




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