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The Many Saints of Newark

The Many Saints of Newark

Who made Tony Soprano?

Young Anthony Soprano is growing up in one of the most tumultuous eras in Newark, N.J., history, becoming a man just as rival gangsters start to rise up and challenge the all-powerful DiMeo crime family. Caught up in the changing times is the uncle he idolizes, Dickie Moltisanti, whose influence over his nephew will help shape the impressionable teenager into the all-powerful mob boss, Tony Soprano.

Release Date : 22 Sep, 2021
Duration : 2h 0m
Crime Drama
Vote Average : 6.483 Vote Count : 462 Popularity : 47.092

Top Billed Casting

  • Alessandro Nivola

    Alessandro Nivola

    Dickie Moltisanti


  • Leslie Odom Jr.

    Leslie Odom Jr.

    Harold McBrayer


  • Michael Gandolfini

    Michael Gandolfini

    Teenage Tony Soprano


  • Ray Liotta

    Ray Liotta

    "Hollywood Dick" Moltisanti / Salvatore “Sally” Moltisanti


  • Michela De Rossi

    Michela De Rossi

    Giuseppina Moltisanti


  • Vera Farmiga

    Vera Farmiga

    Livia Soprano


  • Corey Stoll

    Corey Stoll

    Junior Soprano


  • Jon Bernthal

    Jon Bernthal

    Johnny Soprano


  • Billy Magnussen

    Billy Magnussen

    Paulie Walnuts


  • John Magaro

    John Magaro

    Silvio Dante


  • Talia Balsam

    Talia Balsam

    Mrs. Jarecki


  • Patina Miller

    Patina Miller

    Queen Isola


  • Joey Diaz

    Joey Diaz



  • Germar Terrell Gardner

    Germar Terrell Gardner



  • Michael Imperioli

    Michael Imperioli

    Christopher Moltisanti (voice)


  • Samson Moeakiola

    Samson Moeakiola

    Pussy Bonpensiero


  • Alexandra Intrator

    Alexandra Intrator

    Teenage Janice Soprano


  • Gabriella Piazza

    Gabriella Piazza

    Joanne Moltisanti


  • Mason Bleu

    Mason Bleu

    Leon Overall


  • Aaron Joshua

    Aaron Joshua



  • Lesli Margherita

    Lesli Margherita

    Iris Balducci


  • Kathryn Kates

    Kathryn Kates

    Angie DeCarlo


  • Nick Vallelonga

    Nick Vallelonga

    Carmine Cotuso


  • Ed Marinaro

    Ed Marinaro

    Jilly Ruffalo


  • William Ludwig

    William Ludwig

    Young Tony Soprano


  • Mattea Conforti

    Mattea Conforti

    Young Janice Soprano


  • Matteo Russo

    Matteo Russo

    Young Artie Bucco


  • Robert Vincent Montano

    Robert Vincent Montano

    Teenage Artie Bucco


  • Chase Vacnin

    Chase Vacnin

    Teenage Jackie Aprile


  • Rob Colletti

    Rob Colletti

    Julie DeRogatis


  • De'Jon Watts

    De'Jon Watts



  • Nick DeMatteo

    Nick DeMatteo



  • Matt Grossman

    Matt Grossman



  • Chris LaPanta

    Chris LaPanta

    Army Recruiter


  • Patricia Squire

    Patricia Squire

    Old Auntie


  • Amelia Fowler

    Amelia Fowler

    Candy Store Nurse


  • Prema Cruz

    Prema Cruz



  • Maliq Johnson

    Maliq Johnson



  • Sam Labovitz

    Sam Labovitz



  • Daryl Edwards

    Daryl Edwards



  • Matthew Elam

    Matthew Elam

    Ray Ray


  • Anthony Angelo Pizza, Jr.

    Anthony Angelo Pizza, Jr.

    Catholic School Boy


  • Audrey Bennett

    Audrey Bennett

    Catholic School Girl


  • Nicola Gabriele

    Nicola Gabriele

    Club Waiter


  • Spenser Granese

    Spenser Granese

    Man in the Cowboy Hat


  • Michael Zegarski

    Michael Zegarski

    Funeral Director


  • Michael Kaves

    Michael Kaves

    Funeral Wiseguy #1


  • Vinnie Costanza

    Vinnie Costanza

    Teenage Boy


  • Ian Unterman

    Ian Unterman

    Softball Parent #1


  • Lizzy Plimpton

    Lizzy Plimpton

    Softball Parent #2


  • Erik Weiner

    Erik Weiner



  • Alex Morf

    Alex Morf

    Police HQ Copper


  • Bryce Burke

    Bryce Burke

    Ice Cream Truck Driver


  • Joel Boyd

    Joel Boyd

    Activist On Stage


  • William Youmans

    William Youmans

    Judge Lambert


  • Andrew Polk

    Andrew Polk

    Taxi Passenger


  • Ohene Cornelius

    Ohene Cornelius

    Taxi Driver


  • Craig Geraghty

    Craig Geraghty

    Soprano Kids Copper


  • Nygel Bush

    Nygel Bush

    Fallen Son


  • Carrie Compere

    Carrie Compere

    Crying Mother


  • Oberon K.A. Adjepong

    Oberon K.A. Adjepong

    Frank Lucas


  • Lexie Foley

    Lexie Foley

    Barbara Soprano


  • Phyllis Pastore

    Phyllis Pastore

    Aunt Concetta


  • Tatienne Hendricks-Tellefsen

    Tatienne Hendricks-Tellefsen

    Paulie’s Goomar


  • Ayodele Olatunji

    Ayodele Olatunji

    Tabernacle Band #1


  • CJ Fly

    CJ Fly

    Tabernacle Band #2


  • Dessy Hinds

    Dessy Hinds

    Tabernacle Band #3


  • Laurie Sheppard

    Laurie Sheppard

    Building Manager


  • Marianne Ferrari

    Marianne Ferrari

    Female Neighbor


  • Julian Lerner

    Julian Lerner

    Rico (Tony’s Friend)


  • Stella Chivee

    Stella Chivee

    Frank Lucas’ Daughter


  • Louis Vanaria

    Louis Vanaria

    Wise Guy


  • Latoya Edwards

    Latoya Edwards

    Frank Lucas’ Girlfriend


  • John Borras

    John Borras



  • Jodi Capeless

    Jodi Capeless

    Aunt Gemma


  • Lauren DiMario

    Lauren DiMario

    Teenage Carmela De Angelis


  • Danny Schoch

    Danny Schoch

    Chickie Sasso (uncredited)


  • Jesse Schratz

    Jesse Schratz

    Italian Mob Kid (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America




A review by JPRetana

Written by JPRetana on 10 Sep, 2022

The Many Saints of Newark is The Sopranos meets The Godfather Part II, and the result is so much less than the sum of its parts. Do we really need to know that Tony Soprano was once a chubby brat? Moreover, do we really want to know that that chubby brat grew up to be Michael Gandolfini? Michael...