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The Moonlight Sonata

The Moonlight Sonata

A female fashion model Anni Stark takes leave from the fashion business and goes to Finland's Lapland for a vacation. Little does she know that there's a totally lunatic bunch of local hillbillies living in a nearby farmhouse. The plot thickens as one of the residents begins to harass Anni, who is left alone in the wilderness with only her dog to protect her. Too bad for her that her dog turns out to have divided loyalties.

Release Date : 04 Nov, 1988
Duration : 1h 26m
Horror Comedy
Vote Average : 6.105 Vote Count : 19 Popularity : 2.14

Top Billed Casting

  • Tiina Björkman

    Tiina Björkman

    Anni Stark


  • Kari Sorvali

    Kari Sorvali

    Arvo Kyyrölä


  • Mikko Kivinen

    Mikko Kivinen

    Sulo Kyyrölä


  • Kim Gunell

    Kim Gunell



  • Soli Labbart

    Soli Labbart

    Äite Kyyrölä


  • Ville-Veikko Salminen

    Ville-Veikko Salminen



  • Risto Salmi

    Risto Salmi

    Motellin isäntä


  • Toivo Tuomainen

    Toivo Tuomainen



  • Esa Anttila

    Esa Anttila

    Huolestunut poliisi


  • Masaaki Hashimoto

    Masaaki Hashimoto



  • Juuso Ruohomäki

    Juuso Ruohomäki



  • Rolf Labbart

    Rolf Labbart

    Paatsalainen (uncredited)


  • Kai Honkanen

    Kai Honkanen

    Valokuvaaja (uncredited)


  • Matti Kuortti

    Matti Kuortti

    Kylähullu linja-autossa (uncredited)


  • Jouko Lumme

    Jouko Lumme

    Kylähullu linja-autossa (uncredited)


  • Arthur Fuhrmann

    Arthur Fuhrmann

    Torvisoittokunnan kapellimestari (uncredited)


  • Helsingin Poliisisoittokunta

    Helsingin Poliisisoittokunta

    Orchestra (uncredited)




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