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The Postman

The Postman

The year is 2013. One man walked in off the horizon and hope came with him.

In 2013 there are no highways, no I-ways, no dreams of a better tomorrow, only scattered survivors across what was once the Unites States. Into this apocalyptic wasteland comes an enigmatic drifter with a mule, a knack for Shakespeare and something yet undiscovered: the power to inspire hope.

Release Date : 25 Dec, 1997
Duration : 2h 57m
Science Fiction Adventure Action War
Vote Average : 6.212 Vote Count : 863 Popularity : 13.263

Top Billed Casting

  • Kevin Costner

    Kevin Costner

    The Postman


  • Will Patton

    Will Patton

    General Bethlehem


  • Larenz Tate

    Larenz Tate

    Ford Lincoln Mercury


  • Olivia Williams

    Olivia Williams



  • James Russo

    James Russo



  • Daniel von Bargen

    Daniel von Bargen

    Pineview Sheriff Briscoe


  • Tom Petty

    Tom Petty

    Bridge City Mayor


  • Scott Bairstow

    Scott Bairstow



  • Giovanni Ribisi

    Giovanni Ribisi

    Bandit 20


  • Roberta Maxwell

    Roberta Maxwell

    Irene March


  • Joe Santos

    Joe Santos

    Colonel Getty


  • Ron McLarty

    Ron McLarty

    Old George


  • Peggy Lipton

    Peggy Lipton

    Ellen March


  • Brian Anthony Wilson

    Brian Anthony Wilson



  • Todd Allen

    Todd Allen



  • Rex Linn

    Rex Linn



  • Shawn Hatosy

    Shawn Hatosy



  • Ryan Hurst

    Ryan Hurst

    Eddie March


  • Charles Esten

    Charles Esten

    Michael, Abby's Husband


  • Annie Costner

    Annie Costner



  • Ty O'Neal

    Ty O'Neal



  • Kirk Fox

    Kirk Fox

    Gangly Recruit


  • Korey Scott Pollard

    Korey Scott Pollard

    Thin Recruit


  • Ellen Geer

    Ellen Geer

    Pineview Woman


  • Randle Mell

    Randle Mell

    Villiage Mayor


  • Cooper Taylor

    Cooper Taylor



  • Dylan Haggerty

    Dylan Haggerty

    Slow Recruit


  • Jeffery Thomas Johnson

    Jeffery Thomas Johnson

    Rope Bridge Soldier


  • Jeff McGrail

    Jeff McGrail

    Rope Bridge Soldier


  • Lily Costner

    Lily Costner

    Lily March


  • Gregory Avellone

    Gregory Avellone

    Pineview Man


  • Susan Brightbill

    Susan Brightbill

    Pineview Woman


  • Elisa Daniel

    Elisa Daniel

    Pineview Woman


  • Jenny Buchanan

    Jenny Buchanan

    Pineview Woman


  • Ann Manning

    Ann Manning

    Pineview Woman


  • Tom Novak

    Tom Novak

    Benning Gatekeeper


  • George Wyner

    George Wyner

    Benning Mayor


  • Brooke Becker

    Brooke Becker

    Benning Woman


  • Eva Gayle Six

    Eva Gayle Six

    Benning Woman


  • Joe Costner

    Joe Costner

    Letter Boy


  • Kathi Sheehan

    Kathi Sheehan

    Letter Boy's Mother


  • Amy Jo Weinstein

    Amy Jo Weinstein

    Elvis Woman


  • Betty Moyer

    Betty Moyer

    Elvis Woman


  • Shiree Porter

    Shiree Porter

    Bridge City Woman


  • Judy Herrera

    Judy Herrera

    Carrier (as Jade Herrera)


  • Greg Serano

    Greg Serano

    California Carrier


  • Julie Andrews

    Julie Andrews

    Maria (archive footage)


  • Michael Doherty

    Michael Doherty

    Elvis, Oregon Townsperson (uncredited)


  • Mary Stuart Masterson

    Mary Stuart Masterson

    Hope, Postman's Daughter (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America






A review by Patrick E. Abe

Written by Patrick E. Abe on 06 Nov, 2016

Who will be responsible now, for these wayward children? That's a phrase that's in the book, but not the movie. I liked David Brin's tale of the communities growing up from a near-apocalypse and the conman, "Gordon Krantz." When I first saw the (overlong) movie, I was disappointed and felt Res...