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The Predators

The Predators

This is the story of two completely opposite households: the Pavone are intellectual and bourgeois, the Vismara are proletarian and fascists. They are two tribes sharing the same jungle: Rome. A trivial accident brings these two poles together. The madness of a 25-year old youth will set them on a collision course, discovering the cards to reveal that everyone has a secret. People are never what they seem – but we are all predators in the end.

Release Date : 22 Oct, 2020
Duration : 1h 49m
Drama Comedy
Vote Average : 6.88 Vote Count : 166 Popularity : 19.785

Top Billed Casting

  • Pietro Castellitto

    Pietro Castellitto

    Federico Pavone


  • Giorgio Montanini

    Giorgio Montanini

    Claudio Vismara


  • Massimo Popolizio

    Massimo Popolizio

    Pierpaolo Pavone


  • Manuela Mandracchia

    Manuela Mandracchia

    Ludovica Pensa


  • Dario Cassini

    Dario Cassini



  • Anita Caprioli

    Anita Caprioli



  • Marzia Ubaldi

    Marzia Ubaldi

    Signora Ines


  • Antonio Gerardi

    Antonio Gerardi

    Flavio Vismara


  • Nando Paone

    Nando Paone

    Nicola Fiorillo


  • Vinicio Marchioni

    Vinicio Marchioni

    Venditore di orologi


  • Claudio Camilli

    Claudio Camilli

    Carlo Vismara


  • Liliana Fiorelli

    Liliana Fiorelli



  • Renato Marchetti

    Renato Marchetti


  • Giulia Petrini

    Giulia Petrini



  • Francesco Borghese

    Francesco Borghese


  • Orsetta De Rossi

    Orsetta De Rossi


  • Rosalina Neri

    Rosalina Neri


  • Maria Castellitto

    Maria Castellitto


  • Federico Mariotti

    Federico Mariotti


  • Francesco Borgese

    Francesco Borgese


  • Mauro Aversano

    Mauro Aversano





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