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The Replacements

The Replacements

Throw the ball. Catch the girl. Keep it simple.

Maverick old-guard coach Jimmy McGinty is hired in the wake of a players' strike to help the Washington Sentinels advance to the playoffs. But that impossible dream hinges on whether his replacements can hunker down and do the job. So, McGinty dusts off his secret dossier of ex-players who never got a chance (or screwed up the one they were given) and knits together a bad-dream team of guys who just may give the Sentinels their title shot.

Release Date : 11 Aug, 2000
Duration : 1h 58m
Vote Average : 6.6 Vote Count : 818 Popularity : 19.519



Original Language


Production Country

United States of America


$ 50,000,000


$ 50,054,511


A review by tmdb27219454

Written by tmdb27219454 on 02 Aug, 2019

If you are a wanna-be, a has-been or a never-have, THIS is the movie for you. Celebrating the Everyman who never got his shot, The Replacements takes the Mediocre and gives them their chance in the spotlight. The movie starts out with the professional football players going on strike, mid-season,...

A review by The Movie Mob

Written by The Movie Mob on 20 Aug, 2022

**Overall : Hilarious characters and a heartwarming story perfect the formula of Major League delivering one of the best and funniest sports movies ever made.** With all the charm of Major League and a cast of zany lovable characters, The Replacements stands out as my favorite sports movie of all...