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The Saint

The Saint

Never reveal your name. Never turn your back. Never surrender your heart.

Simon Templar (The Saint), is a thief for hire, whose latest job to steal the secret process for cold fusion puts him at odds with a traitor bent on toppling the Russian government, as well as the woman who holds its secret.

Release Date : 03 Apr, 1997
Duration : 1h 56m
Thriller Action Romance Science Fiction Adventure
Vote Average : 6.1 Vote Count : 905 Popularity : 11.854

Top Billed Casting

  • Val Kilmer

    Val Kilmer

    Simon Templar


  • Elisabeth Shue

    Elisabeth Shue

    Emma Russell


  • Rade Šerbedžija

    Rade Šerbedžija

    Ivan Tretiak


  • Henry Goodman

    Henry Goodman

    Dr. Lev Botvin


  • Alun Armstrong

    Alun Armstrong

    Inspector Teal


  • Michael Byrne

    Michael Byrne



  • Irina Apeksimova

    Irina Apeksimova



  • Lev Prygunov

    Lev Prygunov

    General Sklarov


  • Charlotte Cornwell

    Charlotte Cornwell

    Inspector Rabineau


  • Emily Mortimer

    Emily Mortimer

    Woman on Plane


  • Lucija Šerbedžija

    Lucija Šerbedžija

    Russian Prostitute


  • Velibor Topic

    Velibor Topic



  • Tommy Flanagan

    Tommy Flanagan



  • Egor Pazenko

    Egor Pazenko



  • Adam Smith

    Adam Smith

    Young Simon Templar


  • Pat Laffan

    Pat Laffan

    Catholic Priest


  • Verity-Jane Dearsley

    Verity-Jane Dearsley



  • Michael Marquez

    Michael Marquez

    Boy in Orphanage


  • Lorelei King

    Lorelei King

    TV Reporter


  • Alla Kazanskaya

    Alla Kazanskaya

    Old Russian Lady


  • Ronnie Letham

    Ronnie Letham

    Old Russian Man


  • Tusse Silberg

    Tusse Silberg

    Prostitute's Mother


  • Peter Guinness

    Peter Guinness

    Frankie's Curator


  • Stefan Gryff

    Stefan Gryff

    President's Aide


  • Malcolm Tierney

    Malcolm Tierney

    Russian Doctor


  • Christopher Rozycki

    Christopher Rozycki


  • Valeriy Nikolaev

    Valeriy Nikolaev

    Ilya Tretiak


  • Roger Moore

    Roger Moore

    Car Radio Announcer (voice)


  • Evgeniy Lazarev

    Evgeniy Lazarev

    President Karpov




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America






A review by Per Gunnar Jonsson

Written by Per Gunnar Jonsson on 02 Jul, 2014

This is not really a “The Saint” movie as far as I am concerned. It has very little resemblance to the Simon Templar that we got to know in the TV-series starring Roger Moore in the lead role. I have not read the books so I do not know how well the movie actually relates to the books but I have ...

A review by Kamurai

Written by Kamurai on 22 Jul, 2020

Good watch, would watch again, and can't confidently recommend. This movie is definitely dated. Val Kilmer was still riding on "I was Batman" and a bunch of Hollywood actors had decided to have a go at being the next action (/spy) guy, and I think it was to try to knock Tom Cruise out of his pos...

A review by JPV852

Written by JPV852 on 02 Jun, 2021

By no means a great movie but for some reason have been drawn to this one, seeing it 3-4 times over the years. For the most part entertaining though the dialogue was pretty bad, however I like Val Kilmer in the lead and shares some nice scenes with the lovely Elisabeth Shue. **3.5/5**...