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The Seven-Per-Cent Solution

The Seven-Per-Cent Solution

Confounding! Sherlock Holmes meets Sigmund Freud

Concerned about his friend's cocaine use, Dr. Watson tricks Sherlock Holmes into travelling to Vienna, where Holmes enters the care of Sigmund Freud. Freud attemts to solve the mysteries of Holmes' subconscious, while Holmes devotes himself to solving a mystery involving the kidnapping of Lola Deveraux.

Release Date : 24 Oct, 1976
Duration : 1h 53m
Mystery Thriller
Vote Average : 6.149 Vote Count : 77 Popularity : 5.682

Top Billed Casting

  • Alan Arkin

    Alan Arkin

    Dr. Sigmund Freud


  • Vanessa Redgrave

    Vanessa Redgrave

    Lola Deveraux


  • Robert Duvall

    Robert Duvall

    Dr. John H. Watson


  • Nicol Williamson

    Nicol Williamson

    Sherlock Holmes


  • Laurence Olivier

    Laurence Olivier

    Professor James Moriarty


  • Joel Grey

    Joel Grey



  • Samantha Eggar

    Samantha Eggar

    Mary Morstan Watson


  • Jeremy Kemp

    Jeremy Kemp

    Baron Karl von Leinsdorf


  • Charles Gray

    Charles Gray

    Mycroft Holmes


  • Régine




  • Anna Quayle

    Anna Quayle



  • Georgia Brown

    Georgia Brown

    Mrs. Freud


  • Jill Townsend

    Jill Townsend

    Mrs. Holmes


  • John Bird

    John Bird



  • Alison Leggatt

    Alison Leggatt

    Mrs. Hudson


  • Frederick Jaeger

    Frederick Jaeger



  • Erik Chitty

    Erik Chitty

    The Butler


  • Jack May

    Jack May

    Dr. Schultz


  • Gertan Klauber

    Gertan Klauber

    The Pasha


  • Leon Greene

    Leon Greene

    Squire Holmes


  • Sheila Shand Gibbs

    Sheila Shand Gibbs



  • Erich Padalewski

    Erich Padalewski

    Station Master




Original Language


Production Country

United Kingdom