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The Tragedy of

The Tragedy of "W"

A young girl is striving for stardom. In order to get a lead role in a new production, she agrees to stand-in for a famous star whose rich patron died in her arms one night. The real-life drama gradually comes to mirror the story of the play being performed by her.

Release Date : 15 Dec, 1984
Duration : 1h 48m
Vote Average : 7.6 Vote Count : 18 Popularity : 4.53

Top Billed Casting

  • Hiroko Yakushimaru

    Hiroko Yakushimaru

    Shizuka Mita


  • Masanori Sera

    Masanori Sera

    Akio Moriguchi


  • Yukio Ninagawa

    Yukio Ninagawa



  • Kôji Shimizu

    Kôji Shimizu

    Hideo Minerta


  • Minoru Uchida

    Minoru Uchida


  • Noboru Nakaya

    Noboru Nakaya

    Ryozo Dohara


  • Kōjirō Kusanagi

    Kōjirō Kusanagi

    Yoshikazu Kiuchi


  • Yoshie Minami

    Yoshie Minami

    Cheiko Yasue


  • Moeko Ezawa

    Moeko Ezawa


  • Kamatari Fujiwara

    Kamatari Fujiwara


  • Yuriko Kono

    Yuriko Kono


  • Miho Takagi

    Miho Takagi

    Kaori Kikuchi


  • Akiko Shikata

    Akiko Shikata

    Kimiko Miyashita


  • Morihiko Saito

    Morihiko Saito


  • Michio Hino

    Michio Hino


  • Ken Nishida

    Ken Nishida


  • Taishi Horikoshi

    Taishi Horikoshi


  • Shunta Fuchino

    Shunta Fuchino


  • Yuki Watase

    Yuki Watase


  • Seiji Endô

    Seiji Endô


  • Mariko Nonaka

    Mariko Nonaka

    Toshiko Hayashi


  • Kyohei Fujiwara

    Kyohei Fujiwara


  • Yumi Kusaka

    Yumi Kusaka


  • Iwao Dan

    Iwao Dan


  • Osamu Kimura

    Osamu Kimura


  • Kosuke Nakatsuka

    Kosuke Nakatsuka


  • Kiyomi Tsukada

    Kiyomi Tsukada


  • Masaru Nashimoto

    Masaru Nashimoto

    Reporter A


  • Tsubasa Fukuoka

    Tsubasa Fukuoka

    Reporter B


  • Jin'ichiro Sudo

    Jin'ichiro Sudo

    Reporter C


  • Keiko Fujita

    Keiko Fujita

    Reporter D


  • Kunihiko Mitamura

    Kunihiko Mitamura

    Jun Godai


  • Yoshiko Mita

    Yoshiko Mita

    Sho Hajima




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