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The Twilight Samurai

The Twilight Samurai

Seibei Iguchi leads a difficult life as a low ranking samurai at the turn of the nineteenth century. A widower with a meager income, Seibei struggles to take care of his two daughters and senile mother. New prospects seem to open up when the beautiful Tomoe, a childhood friend, comes back into he and his daughters' life, but as the Japanese feudal system unravels, Seibei is still bound by the code of honor of the samurai and by his own sense of social precedence. How can he find a way to do what is best for those he loves?

Release Date : 02 Nov, 2002
Duration : 2h 9m
Drama Romance History
Vote Average : 7.755 Vote Count : 243 Popularity : 12.999

Top Billed Casting

  • Hiroyuki Sanada

    Hiroyuki Sanada

    Seibei Iguchi


  • Rie Miyazawa

    Rie Miyazawa

    Tomoe Iinuma


  • Nenji Kobayashi

    Nenji Kobayashi

    Choubei Kusaka


  • Mitsuru Fukikoshi

    Mitsuru Fukikoshi

    Michinojo Iinuma


  • Kanako Fukaura

    Kanako Fukaura

    Yae Iinuma


  • Hiroshi Kanbe

    Hiroshi Kanbe



  • Miki Ito

    Miki Ito

    Kayano Iguchi


  • Erina Hashiguchi

    Erina Hashiguchi

    Ito Iguchi


  • Reiko Kusamura

    Reiko Kusamura

    Iguchi's Mother


  • Kii Mizuno

    Kii Mizuno



  • Yuuki Natsusaka

    Yuuki Natsusaka

    Gemba Hattori


  • Ren Osugi

    Ren Osugi

    Toyotarou Kouda


  • Min Tanaka

    Min Tanaka

    Zenemon Yogo


  • Tetsurō Tamba

    Tetsurō Tamba

    The Uncle


  • Astushi Maeda

    Astushi Maeda


  • Setsuko Tanaka

    Setsuko Tanaka


  • Tsukasa Sugawara

    Tsukasa Sugawara




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