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Time and the Wind

Time and the Wind

Based on Érico Verissimo's literary trilogy, The Time and the Wind follows 150 years of the Terra Cambará family and their opponents, the Amaral family. The struggles between the two families begin in the missions and lasts until the end of the 19th century. The film also features the period of formation of the state of Rio Grande do Sul and the dispute of territory between the Portuguese and Spanish crowns.

Release Date : 28 Sep, 2013
Duration : 2h 7m
Drama History War
Vote Average : 7 Vote Count : 46 Popularity : 2.474

Top Billed Casting

  • Fernanda Montenegro

    Fernanda Montenegro

    Bibiana Terra Cambará (idosa)


  • Thiago Lacerda

    Thiago Lacerda

    Capitão Rodrigo Cambará


  • Marjorie Estiano

    Marjorie Estiano

    Bibiana Terra Cambará (jovem)


  • Cleo Pires

    Cleo Pires

    Ana Terra


  • Janaína Kremer

    Janaína Kremer

    Bibiana Terra Cambará (adulta)


  • Mayana Moura

    Mayana Moura

    Luzia Silva Cambará


  • Igor Rickli

    Igor Rickli

    Bolívar Terra Cambará


  • Leonardo Machado

    Leonardo Machado

    Marciano Bezerra


  • Rafael Cardoso

    Rafael Cardoso

    Florêncio Terra


  • Suzana Pires

    Suzana Pires

    Ana Terra (adulta)


  • Cyria Coentro

    Cyria Coentro

    Henriqueta Terra


  • Liselene Severo Bidone

    Liselene Severo Bidone

    Ana Terra (idosa)


  • José de Abreu

    José de Abreu

    Ricardo Amaral


  • Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos

    Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos



  • Matheus Costa

    Matheus Costa

    Pedro Missioneiro (jovem)


  • Paulo Goulart

    Paulo Goulart

    Coronel Amaral Neto


  • Martín Rodríguez

    Martín Rodríguez

    Pedro Missioneiro (adulto)


  • Marat Descartes

    Marat Descartes

    Licurgo Terra Cambará


  • Vanessa Lóes

    Vanessa Lóes

    Maria Valéria Terra


  • Leonardo Medeiros

    Leonardo Medeiros

    Bento Neto


  • César Troncoso

    César Troncoso



  • Fernanda Moro

    Fernanda Moro

    Josefa Bezerra


  • Luis Franke

    Luis Franke



  • Cris Pereira

    Cris Pereira

    Juvenal Terra


  • Elisa Volpatto

    Elisa Volpatto

    Alice Terra


  • Apolônio Cypriano

    Apolônio Cypriano


  • Gonzalo Durán

    Gonzalo Durán



  • Miguel Ramos

    Miguel Ramos


  • Marcos Verza

    Marcos Verza

    Padre Otero (jovem)




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