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Tom Medina

Tom Medina

Tom Medina is sent by a juvenile judge to the Camargue, to live with Ulysses, a kind-hearted man in tune with nature. Inhabited by visions, fascinated by bulls and horses, Tom learns the trade of a herdsman at Ulysses’ side. He no longer steals and now thirsts for knowledge and aspires to become someone else. Revolted by the hostility which does not change towards him, he fights against his destiny and crosses the road of Suzanne…

Release Date : 04 Aug, 2021
Duration : 1h 40m
Vote Average : 6 Vote Count : 4 Popularity : 0.797

Top Billed Casting

  • David Murgia

    David Murgia



  • Slimane Dazi

    Slimane Dazi


  • Karoline Rose Sun

    Karoline Rose Sun


  • Suzanne Aubert

    Suzanne Aubert


  • Morgan Deschamps

    Morgan Deschamps



  • Clément Bouchet

    Clément Bouchet



  • Pietro Botte

    Pietro Botte

    Le lieutenant


  • Lyes Ouzeri

    Lyes Ouzeri

    Bob marionnettiste


  • Romain Carbuccia

    Romain Carbuccia



  • Chloé Catrin

    Chloé Catrin

    Lorie activiste


  • Maëlys Rebuttini

    Maëlys Rebuttini

    Maëlys activiste


  • Fleur Tognet

    Fleur Tognet

    Fleur activiste


  • Bence Hortovanyi

    Bence Hortovanyi

    Bence activiste


  • Adrien Coché

    Adrien Coché

    Le gendarme


  • Auguste Losada

    Auguste Losada



  • Yves Lebas

    Yves Lebas

    Président Corrida


  • Césaire Salomon

    Césaire Salomon

    Eleveur de taureaux


  • Tristan Espigue

    Tristan Espigue

    Toréro sevillan


  • Adam Samira

    Adam Samira



  • Manon Vidal

    Manon Vidal

    La cavalière


  • Luce Dejoie

    Luce Dejoie

    Maréchalle ferrante


  • Anaïs Durr

    Anaïs Durr



  • Manon Colomb de Daunant

    Manon Colomb de Daunant

    La jeune fille blessée


  • Maryse Maurin

    Maryse Maurin

    Ami provencial


  • Philippe Reig

    Philippe Reig

    Ami provencial




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