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Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

Her legend begins.

Lara Croft, the fiercely independent daughter of a missing adventurer, must push herself beyond her limits when she finds herself on the island where her father disappeared.

Release Date : 05 Mar, 2018
Duration : 1h 58m
Action Adventure Fantasy
Vote Average : 6.4 Vote Count : 6,735 Popularity : 43.924

Top Billed Casting

  • Alicia Vikander

    Alicia Vikander

    Lara Croft


  • Dominic West

    Dominic West

    Lord Richard Croft


  • Walton Goggins

    Walton Goggins

    Mathias Vogel


  • Daniel Wu

    Daniel Wu

    Lu Ren


  • Kristin Scott Thomas

    Kristin Scott Thomas

    Ana Miller


  • Derek Jacobi

    Derek Jacobi

    Mr. Yaffe


  • Hannah John-Kamen

    Hannah John-Kamen



  • Antonio Aakeel

    Antonio Aakeel

    Nitin Ahuja


  • Duncan Airlie James

    Duncan Airlie James

    Terry the Trainer


  • Jaime Winstone

    Jaime Winstone



  • Josef Altin

    Josef Altin

    Bruce The Boss


  • Billy Postlethwaite

    Billy Postlethwaite



  • Roger Jean Nsengiyumva

    Roger Jean Nsengiyumva



  • Michael Obiora

    Michael Obiora



  • Alexandre Willaume

    Alexandre Willaume



  • Tamer Burjaq

    Tamer Burjaq



  • Adrian Collins

    Adrian Collins



  • Keenan Arrison

    Keenan Arrison

    Rocket (Mercenary)


  • Andrian Mazive

    Andrian Mazive



  • Milton Schorr

    Milton Schorr

    Mac (Mercenary)


  • Peter Waison

    Peter Waison

    Taxi Driver (Stunts)


  • Samuel Mak

    Samuel Mak

    Chinese Kid


  • Sky Yang

    Sky Yang

    Chinese Kid


  • Civic Chung

    Civic Chung

    Chinese Kid


  • Shekhar Varma

    Shekhar Varma

    Mr. Ahuja


  • Rekha John-Cheriyan

    Rekha John-Cheriyan

    Mrs. Ahuja


  • Maisy De Freitas

    Maisy De Freitas

    Young Lara 7 years old


  • Emily Carey

    Emily Carey

    Young Lara 14 years old


  • Gordon Chow

    Gordon Chow

    Sickly Old Digger


  • Jandre le Roux

    Jandre le Roux

    Heli Pilot


  • Vere Tindale

    Vere Tindale

    Heli Co-Pilot


  • Annabel Wood

    Annabel Wood



  • Kenneth Fok

    Kenneth Fok

    Digger in Woods


  • Maruwan Gasant

    Maruwan Gasant

    Digger in Camp


  • Nick Frost

    Nick Frost

    Alan (uncredited)


  • Sarah Sayuri Hare

    Sarah Sayuri Hare

    Sam (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United Kingdom






A review by bigchris1928

Written by bigchris1928 on 20 Mar, 2018

ok walking into this movie i knew it was going to be fun not sure how much fun but fun however hen i sat down i got a treat there was a ton of action it was a really good movie too it had lots of adventure too and a good plot i really enjoyed it my only gripe is the begining is very slow but besudes...

A review by Columbusbuck

Written by Columbusbuck on 23 Mar, 2018

Your typical adventure film. Neither Vikander nor Goggins stand out. Though there was the screen debut of Daniel Wu as Lu Phen. Wow!...

A review by Splinter

Written by Splinter on 30 May, 2018

As a video game to movie adaptation Tomb Raider works on nearly every level, the only flaw being that there's so much of Tomb Raider to pack into two hours. I had great expectations for this film and wasn't disappointed in the least. On the contrary, it was a blast from beginning to end with Alicia...

A review by Gimly

Written by Gimly on 08 Sep, 2018

Some of the most generic shit ever put to screen. Don't get how this was supposed to please anybody, Tomb Raider fan or otherwise. _Final rating:★★ - Had some things that appeal to me, but a poor finished product._...

A review by moovies

Written by moovies on 24 Nov, 2018

"Not dead yet, no sh*t!" Wanted to see this because I'm a long time fanboy of the game series. Liked the old movies with Angelina Jolie, perfect for a teenage boy with the humor; action and a beautiful lead actress. Alicia Vikander delivers a solid performance combined with a more realistic pl...