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Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3

No toy gets left behind.

Woody, Buzz, and the rest of Andy's toys haven't been played with in years. With Andy about to go to college, the gang find themselves accidentally left at a nefarious day care center. The toys must band together to escape and return home to Andy.

Release Date : 16 Jun, 2010
Duration : 1h 43m
Animation Family Comedy
Vote Average : 7.791 Vote Count : 13,320 Popularity : 67.721

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Original Language


Production Country

United States of America


$ 200,000,000


$ 1,066,969,703


A review by zenorking

Written by zenorking on 16 Sep, 2014

Great for the kids!...

A review by ohlalipop

Written by ohlalipop on 09 Feb, 2017

Just like any other Pixar movies, Toy Story 3 was great. The story flowed really well with the two Toy Story movies. And just like the two other movies, it was funny, has a lot of action and adventure, and it was really touching. I guess at some point, everyone was able to relate to the story. ...

A review by Gimly

Written by Gimly on 16 Jul, 2019

When I first watched this nearly a decade ago in the cinema, I believe it was (and still is) the only movie I've ever watched in 3D that I've enjoyed. I was worried that it was that great theatrical experience I'd had that coloured my opinion of _Toy Story 3_ so positively, and that it wouldn't hold...

A review by JPV852

Written by JPV852 on 21 Oct, 2019

Just an all around wonderful and poignant sequel that surpasses the others. Great seeing the gang working together and the voice casting was, once again, perfect. While Toy Story 4 was good, this served as a great finale. **5.0/5**...

A review by r96sk

Written by r96sk on 29 Jun, 2020

I don't love 'Toy Story 3' as much as its two predecessors. That doesn't mean that it isn't anything other than great though. I enjoy the bountiful humour and intriguing plot, while the newly-introduced toys are very good. If I had to nitpick, I don't massively like Lotso, who kinda feel...

A review by CinemaSerf

Written by CinemaSerf on 26 Jun, 2022

Though "Andy" hasn't played with his toys in many a year, he still can't bear to be parted with them as he heads to college, so he puts them in a bin bag destined for the attic. Unfortunately, mom mistakes it for unwanted stuff and outside they go. "Woody" was alone in being kept safe, and as he esp...