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Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The invasion we always feared. An enemy we never expected.

The Autobots continue to work for NEST, now no longer in secret. But after discovering a strange artifact during a mission in Chernobyl, it becomes apparent to Optimus Prime that the United States government has been less than forthright with them.

Release Date : 28 Jun, 2011
Duration : 2h 34m
Action Science Fiction Adventure
Vote Average : 6.1 Vote Count : 7,141 Popularity : 30.99

Top Billed Casting

  • Shia LaBeouf

    Shia LaBeouf

    Sam Witwicky


  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley



  • Josh Duhamel

    Josh Duhamel



  • John Turturro

    John Turturro



  • Tyrese Gibson

    Tyrese Gibson



  • Patrick Dempsey

    Patrick Dempsey



  • Frances McDormand

    Frances McDormand



  • John Malkovich

    John Malkovich

    Bruce Brazos


  • Kevin Dunn

    Kevin Dunn

    Ron Witwicky


  • Julie White

    Julie White

    Judy Witwicky


  • Alan Tudyk

    Alan Tudyk



  • Ken Jeong

    Ken Jeong

    Jerry Wang


  • Glenn Morshower

    Glenn Morshower

    General Morshower


  • Lester Speight

    Lester Speight



  • Buzz Aldrin

    Buzz Aldrin



  • Bill O'Reilly

    Bill O'Reilly



  • Ravil Isyanov

    Ravil Isyanov



  • Dustin Dennard

    Dustin Dennard

    Lennox Lieutenant


  • Markiss McFadden

    Markiss McFadden

    Lennox Team 'Baby Face'


  • Nick Bickle

    Nick Bickle

    Lennox Team 'Chapman'


  • Ajay James

    Ajay James

    Lennox Team 'Atroui'


  • Brett Lynch

    Brett Lynch

    Lennox Team 'Phelps'


  • Chris A. Robinson

    Chris A. Robinson

    Lennox Team 'Bruno'


  • Scott C. Roe

    Scott C. Roe

    Lennox Team 'Nelson'


  • James D. Weston II

    James D. Weston II

    Lennox Team 'Tuens'


  • Brian Call

    Brian Call

    Lennox Team 'Taggart'


  • Aaron Garrido

    Aaron Garrido

    Epps Team 'Mongo'


  • Mikal Vega

    Mikal Vega

    Epps Team 'Hooch'


  • Kenny Sheard

    Kenny Sheard

    Epps Team 'Marc L'


  • Josh Kelly

    Josh Kelly

    Epps Team 'Stone'


  • Keiko Agena

    Keiko Agena

    Mearing's Aide


  • LaMonica Garrett

    LaMonica Garrett

    Morshower's Aide


  • Yasen Peyankov

    Yasen Peyankov

    Voshkod Associate


  • Brett Stimely

    Brett Stimely

    President Kennedy


  • John H. Tobin

    John H. Tobin

    President Nixon


  • Drew Pillsbury

    Drew Pillsbury

    Defense Secretary McNamara


  • Patrick Pankhurst

    Patrick Pankhurst

    Director of NASA


  • Larry Clarke

    Larry Clarke

    NASA Scientist (1969)


  • Tom Virtue

    Tom Virtue

    Black Ops NASA Technician (1969)


  • Thomas Crawford

    Thomas Crawford

    Black Ops NASA Technician (1969)


  • Kevin Sizemore

    Kevin Sizemore

    Black Ops NASA Technician (1969)


  • Alan Pietruszewski

    Alan Pietruszewski

    NASA Mission Controller (1969)


  • Michael Daniel Cassady

    Michael Daniel Cassady

    NASA Launch Technician (1969)


  • Peter Murnik

    Peter Murnik

    Tracking Station Supervisor (1969)


  • Don Jeanes

    Don Jeanes

    Neil Armstrong (1969)


  • Cory Tucker

    Cory Tucker

    Buzz Aldrin (1969)


  • Lindsey Ginter

    Lindsey Ginter

    Old NASA Scientist


  • David St. James

    David St. James

    Old NASA Scientist


  • Mitch Bromwell

    Mitch Bromwell

    NASA Technician


  • Elya Baskin

    Elya Baskin

    Cosmonaut Dimitri


  • Eugene Alper

    Eugene Alper

    Cosmonaut Yuri


  • Inna Korobkina

    Inna Korobkina

    Russian Lady


  • Zoran Radanovich

    Zoran Radanovich

    Russian Bouncer


  • Kathleen Gati

    Kathleen Gati

    Russian Female Bartender


  • Annie O'Donnell

    Annie O'Donnell

    Human Resources Lady


  • Chris Sheffield

    Chris Sheffield

    Pimply Corporate Kid


  • Ken Takemoto

    Ken Takemoto

    Japanese Executive


  • Michael Loeffelholz

    Michael Loeffelholz

    Executive Interviewer


  • Mindy Sterling

    Mindy Sterling

    Female Insurance Agent


  • Stephen Monroe Taylor

    Stephen Monroe Taylor

    Mailroom Worker


  • Andrew Daly

    Andrew Daly

    Mailroom Worker


  • Derek Miller

    Derek Miller

    Mailroom Worker


  • Leidy Mazo

    Leidy Mazo

    Mailroom Worker


  • Scott Krinsky

    Scott Krinsky

    Accuretta Executive


  • Katherine Sigismund

    Katherine Sigismund

    Accuretta Worker


  • Maile Flanagan

    Maile Flanagan

    Accuretta Worker


  • Darren O'Hare

    Darren O'Hare

    Berated Scientist


  • Jack Axelrod

    Jack Axelrod

    Simmons Tileman


  • Rich Hutchman

    Rich Hutchman



  • Meredith Monroe

    Meredith Monroe

    Engineer's Wife


  • Charlotte Labadie

    Charlotte Labadie

    Engineer's Daughter


  • Christian Baha

    Christian Baha

    Dylan's Executive


  • Jennifer Williams

    Jennifer Williams

    Dylan's Assistant


  • Danielle Fornarelli

    Danielle Fornarelli

    Dylan's Assistant


  • Danny McCarthy

    Danny McCarthy

    NEST Guard


  • John Turk

    John Turk

    NEST Guard


  • Peter A Kelly

    Peter A Kelly

    NEST Guard


  • Mark Golden

    Mark Golden



  • Sean Murphy

    Sean Murphy



  • Scott Paulson

    Scott Paulson



  • Luis Echagarruga

    Luis Echagarruga



  • Iqbal Theba

    Iqbal Theba

    UN Secretary General


  • Anthony Azizi

    Anthony Azizi

    Lt. Sulimani


  • Sammy Sheik

    Sammy Sheik

    Lt. Faraj


  • Mark Ryan

    Mark Ryan

    Military Drone Operator


  • John S. McAfee

    John S. McAfee

    GPS Tracking Coordinator


  • Jay Gates

    Jay Gates

    DC Mall Reporter


  • Rebecca Cooper

    Rebecca Cooper

    DC Capitol Reporter


  • Peter Cullen

    Peter Cullen

    Optimus Prime (voice)


  • Hugo Weaving

    Hugo Weaving

    Megatron (voice)


  • Leonard Nimoy

    Leonard Nimoy

    Sentinel Prime (voice)


  • Jess Harnell

    Jess Harnell

    Ironhide (voice)


  • Charlie Adler

    Charlie Adler

    Starscream (voice)


  • Robert Foxworth

    Robert Foxworth

    Ratchet (voice)


  • James Remar

    James Remar

    Sideswipe (voice)


  • Francesco Quinn

    Francesco Quinn

    Dino (voice)


  • George Coe

    George Coe

    Que / Wheeljack (voice)


  • Tom Kenny

    Tom Kenny

    Wheelie (voice)


  • Reno Wilson

    Reno Wilson

    Brains (voice)


  • Frank Welker

    Frank Welker

    Shockwave / Soundwave / Barricade (voice)


  • Ron Bottitta

    Ron Bottitta

    Roadbuster / Amp (voice)


  • John DiMaggio

    John DiMaggio

    Leadfoot / Target (voice)


  • Keith Szarabajka

    Keith Szarabajka

    Laserbeak (voice)


  • Greg Berg

    Greg Berg

    Igor (voice)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America






A review by LastCaress1972

Written by LastCaress1972 on 11 Aug, 2013

Transformers: Dark of the Moon. 154 minutes long, so Wiki tells me (although whilst watching it it felt as though it flew by in a mere, ooh, fourteen hours or so?). 154 minutes. And I was lost, bored and checking my watch before the fourth minute. So I shall attempt to review a movie I have only jus...