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Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther

Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther

To save humanity, the Earth's mightiest heroes must reunite for a rematch of heroic proportions.

Mysterious Wakanda lies in the darkest heart of Africa, unknown to most of the world. An isolated land hidden behind closed borders, fiercely protected by its young king: Black Panther. But when brutal alien invaders attack, the threat leaves Black Panther with no option but to go against the sacred decrees of his people and ask for help from outsiders.

Release Date : 08 Aug, 2006
Duration : 1h 13m
Adventure Animation Action Science Fiction
Vote Average : 6.7 Vote Count : 237 Popularity : 27.249

Top Billed Casting

  • Justin Gross

    Justin Gross

    Captain America / Steve Rogers (voice)


  • Grey DeLisle

    Grey DeLisle

    Wasp / Janet Pym (voice)


  • Michael Massee

    Michael Massee

    Doctor Bruce Banner (voice)


  • Marc Worden

    Marc Worden

    Iron Man / Tony Stark (voice)


  • Olivia d'Abo

    Olivia d'Abo

    Black Widow / Natalia Romanoff (voice)


  • Nan McNamara

    Nan McNamara

    Betty Ross (voice)


  • Nolan North

    Nolan North

    Giant Man / Hank Pym (voice)


  • Andre Ware

    Andre Ware

    Nick Fury (voice)


  • David Boat

    David Boat

    Thor (voice)


  • Fred Tatasciore

    Fred Tatasciore

    Hulk / Edwin Jarvis / Additional Voices (voice)


  • Jim Ward

    Jim Ward

    Herr Kleiser / Additional Voices (voice)


  • Jeffrey D. Sams

    Jeffrey D. Sams

    T'Challa / Black Panther (voice)


  • Dwight Schultz

    Dwight Schultz

    Odin (voice)


  • Mark Hamill

    Mark Hamill

    Oiler (voice)


  • Dave Fennoy

    Dave Fennoy

    T'Chaka / Additional Voices (voice)


  • Susan Dalian

    Susan Dalian

    Nakinda / Additional Voices (voice)


  • Kendre Berry

    Kendre Berry

    Young T'Challa (voice)


  • Chi McBride

    Chi McBride

    Chief Elder (voice)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America


A review by Gimly

Written by Gimly on 19 May, 2020

It does feel like a continuation of the first film, which is cool because a lot animated sequels do their best to start fresh every time, but unfortunately, it crosses that line from "continuous" and hits full "rehash" territory. And _Ultimate Avengers_ wasn't even good the first time around. _Fi...