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Universal Soldier: The Return

Universal Soldier: The Return

Prepare to become obsolete

Luc Deveraux, the heroic former Universal Soldier, is about to be thrown into action once again. When SETH, the supercomputer-controlled ultra-warrior, decides to take revenge and destroy its creators, only Luc can stop it. All hell breaks loose as Luc battles SETH and a deadly team of perfect soldiers in a struggle that pits man against machine and good against evil.

Release Date : 05 Aug, 1999
Duration : 1h 22m
Action Science Fiction
Vote Average : 5.629 Vote Count : 835 Popularity : 22.317

Top Billed Casting

  • Jean-Claude Van Damme

    Jean-Claude Van Damme

    Luc Devereux


  • Kiana Tom

    Kiana Tom



  • Bill Goldberg

    Bill Goldberg



  • Michael Jai White

    Michael Jai White



  • Heidi Schanz

    Heidi Schanz

    Erin Young, KTXD


  • Xander Berkeley

    Xander Berkeley

    Dr. Dylan Cotner


  • Justin Lazard

    Justin Lazard

    Captain Blackburn


  • Daniel von Bargen

    Daniel von Bargen

    General Radford


  • James Black

    James Black

    Sergeant Morrow


  • Karis Paige Bryant

    Karis Paige Bryant

    Hillary Deveraux


  • Brent Hinkley

    Brent Hinkley



  • Brent Anderson

    Brent Anderson

    Technician #2


  • Mark Dalton

    Mark Dalton

    Lead RL Guard


  • Woody Watson

    Woody Watson

    RL Gate Guard


  • Jacqueline Klein

    Jacqueline Klein

    Betty Wilson


  • Maria Arita

    Maria Arita

    Kitty Anderson


  • Sam Williamson

    Sam Williamson

    Hillary's Doctor


  • Dion Culberson

    Dion Culberson

    Drag Queen


  • Pam Dougherty

    Pam Dougherty

    60 Yr. Old Woman


  • Heidi Franz

    Heidi Franz

    Erin's Stripper


  • Barbara Petricini-Buxton

    Barbara Petricini-Buxton

    Female News Anchor


  • Molly Moroney

    Molly Moroney

    Pediatric Nurse


  • Josh Berry

    Josh Berry

    Radio Man


  • Scott Roland

    Scott Roland

    UniSol (uncredited)


  • Derek Southers

    Derek Southers

    UniSol (uncredited)


  • Jay Moore

    Jay Moore

    Soldier (uncredited)


  • Jim Henry

    Jim Henry

    UniSol / Security Guard (uncredited)


  • Khristian Lupo

    Khristian Lupo

    UniSol (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America