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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

A Love Story. More or Less.

More than a dozen Angelenos navigate Valentine's Day from early morning until midnight. Three couples awake together, but each relationship will sputter. A grade-school boy wants flowers for his first true love. Two high school seniors plan first-time sex at noon. A TV sports reporter gets the assignment to find romance in LA. A star quarterback contemplates his future. Two strangers meet on a plane. Grandparents, together for years, face a crisis. An 'I Hate Valentine's Day' dinner beckons the lonely and the lied to.

Release Date : 10 Feb, 2010
Duration : 2h 5m
Comedy Romance
Vote Average : 5.897 Vote Count : 2,716 Popularity : 20.232

Top Billed Casting

  • Julia Roberts

    Julia Roberts

    Captain Kate Hazeltine


  • Bradley Cooper

    Bradley Cooper

    Holden Wilson


  • Anne Hathaway

    Anne Hathaway

    Liz Curran


  • Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift

    Felicia Miller


  • Patrick Dempsey

    Patrick Dempsey

    Dr. Harrison Copeland


  • Eric Dane

    Eric Dane

    Sean Jackson


  • Emma Roberts

    Emma Roberts

    Grace Smart


  • Jessica Biel

    Jessica Biel

    Kara Monahan


  • Hector Elizondo

    Hector Elizondo

    Edgar Paddington


  • Jessica Alba

    Jessica Alba

    Morley Clarkson


  • Jennifer Garner

    Jennifer Garner

    Julia Fitzpatrick


  • Jamie Foxx

    Jamie Foxx

    Kelvin Moore


  • Shirley MacLaine

    Shirley MacLaine

    Estelle Paddington


  • Topher Grace

    Topher Grace

    Jason Morris


  • Ashton Kutcher

    Ashton Kutcher

    Reed Bennett


  • Carter Jenkins

    Carter Jenkins

    Alex Franklin


  • Kathy Bates

    Kathy Bates

    Susan Milton


  • Queen Latifah

    Queen Latifah

    Paula Thomas


  • Taylor Lautner

    Taylor Lautner

    Willy Harrington


  • George Lopez

    George Lopez

    Alphonso Rodriguez


  • Katherine LaNasa

    Katherine LaNasa

    Pamela Copeland


  • Alexis Kendra

    Alexis Kendra

    Friend Dana


  • Aramis Knight

    Aramis Knight



  • Larry Miller

    Larry Miller

    Oversized Baggage Agent


  • Bryce Robinson

    Bryce Robinson



  • Matthew Walker

    Matthew Walker

    Greg Gilkins


  • Beth Kennedy

    Beth Kennedy

    Mrs. Claudia Smart


  • Kristen Schaal

    Kristen Schaal

    Ms. Gilroy


  • Erin Matthews

    Erin Matthews

    Flight Attendant


  • Christine Lakin

    Christine Lakin



  • Lauren Reeder

    Lauren Reeder

    Hotel Clerk Michelle


  • Julia Springer

    Julia Springer

    Olivia Copeland


  • Kathleen Marshall

    Kathleen Marshall



  • Anna Kulinova

    Anna Kulinova

    Bulgarian Girl


  • Cassie Rowell

    Cassie Rowell

    Coffee Barista


  • Faline England

    Faline England

    Flower Shop Customer #1


  • James F. McCann

    James F. McCann

    Flower Shop Customer #2


  • Shea Curry

    Shea Curry

    Friend Elise


  • Wedil David

    Wedil David

    Rani's Mom Rehka


  • Natalie Machado

    Natalie Machado

    Indian Bride


  • Jennifer Leigh Warren

    Jennifer Leigh Warren

    Party Singer


  • Megan Suri

    Megan Suri



  • Brooklynn Proulx

    Brooklynn Proulx



  • Karolinah Villarreal

    Karolinah Villarreal



  • Joey Sorge

    Joey Sorge



  • Alec Nemser

    Alec Nemser



  • Rick Batalla

    Rick Batalla



  • Scott Crumly

    Scott Crumly

    Indian Restaurant Valet


  • Jonathan Morgan Heit

    Jonathan Morgan Heit

    Tough Franklin


  • Angelo Salvatore Restaino

    Angelo Salvatore Restaino

    Alex's Friend Gideon


  • Scott Marshall

    Scott Marshall

    Mr. Schwabbe


  • Kelly Flynn

    Kelly Flynn



  • Sam Marshall

    Sam Marshall

    Soccer Son


  • Mandy Medlin

    Mandy Medlin



  • Larrs Jackson

    Larrs Jackson

    Chauffer Redmond


  • Cleo King

    Cleo King

    TSA Supervisor Daisy Bell


  • Corena Chase

    Corena Chase

    TSA Security Officer


  • Justin Michael Duval

    Justin Michael Duval

    TSA Security Guard


  • Heidi Brucker

    Heidi Brucker

    Southwest Gate Agent


  • Lily Marshall-Fricker

    Lily Marshall-Fricker



  • Kamilla Bjorlin

    Kamilla Bjorlin

    Sherry Donaldson


  • Anna A. White

    Anna A. White

    Weather Girl


  • Stefanie Sherk

    Stefanie Sherk

    Stage Manager


  • Marty Nadler

    Marty Nadler

    Cameraman #1


  • Scott Sener

    Scott Sener

    Cameraman #2


  • Colin Owens

    Colin Owens

    Male Anchor


  • Calvin Jung

    Calvin Jung

    Flower Mart Simon


  • Serena Poon

    Serena Poon

    Chinese Vendor


  • Kazumi Nakamura

    Kazumi Nakamura

    Japanese Vendor


  • Gwenda Perez

    Gwenda Perez

    Spanish Vendor


  • Kiko Kiko

    Kiko Kiko

    Dodger Grandmother


  • Joseph Leo Bwarie

    Joseph Leo Bwarie

    Mailroom Danny


  • Robert Belushi

    Robert Belushi

    Mailroom Ted


  • Jaclyn Miller

    Jaclyn Miller

    ACM Receptionist


  • Joe Smith

    Joe Smith

    ACM Restaurant Waiter


  • Katie Joy Horwitch

    Katie Joy Horwitch

    ACM Outdoor Café Waitress


  • Lisa Roberts Gillan

    Lisa Roberts Gillan

    Young Nurse


  • Barbara Marshall

    Barbara Marshall

    Head Nurse


  • Stephanie Fabian

    Stephanie Fabian

    Candy Striper


  • Sandra Taylor

    Sandra Taylor

    Beach Girl Candy


  • Sarah Lilly

    Sarah Lilly

    Lady With Dog


  • Tony Scruggs

    Tony Scruggs

    Beverly Wilshire Waiter


  • Roberta Valderrama

    Roberta Valderrama

    Angry Girlfriend


  • Cyrus Alexander

    Cyrus Alexander

    Cisco the Cheater


  • Peter Allen Vogt

    Peter Allen Vogt



  • Paul Vogt

    Paul Vogt

    Shouting Sheldon


  • Bonnie Aarons

    Bonnie Aarons

    Strange Lady


  • Adreana Gonzalez

    Adreana Gonzalez

    Cemetery Ticket Vendor


  • Matt Merchant

    Matt Merchant

    Loud Guy


  • Lisa Valenzuela

    Lisa Valenzuela

    Loud Lady


  • Howard Storm

    Howard Storm

    Louder Guy


  • Jennifer Amy

    Jennifer Amy

    Bistro Gardens Waitress


  • Rance Howard

    Rance Howard

    Bistro Gardens Diner


  • Travina Springer

    Travina Springer

    Sign Language Interpreter


  • Tracy Reiner

    Tracy Reiner

    French Photographer


  • Hannah Storm

    Hannah Storm

    ESPN Hannah Storm


  • Mike Greenberg

    Mike Greenberg

    ESPN Radio Announcer #1 (voice)


  • Mike Golic

    Mike Golic

    ESPN Radio Announcer #2 (voice)


  • Paul Williams

    Paul Williams

    Romeo Midnight (voice)


  • Susie Abraham

    Susie Abraham

    Bridesmaid (uncredited)


  • Nicole Abramson

    Nicole Abramson

    Soccer Mom (uncredited)


  • Guilford Adams

    Guilford Adams

    Vista Movie Theatre Owner (uncredited)


  • Emily Arlook

    Emily Arlook

    Skater Girl (uncredited)


  • Lauren C. Brooks

    Lauren C. Brooks

    Airport Customer (uncredited)


  • Jennifer De Minco

    Jennifer De Minco

    Cheerleader (uncredited)


  • Rick L. Dean

    Rick L. Dean

    Chauffeur (uncredited)


  • Norman Deesing

    Norman Deesing

    Celebrity Lookalike (uncredited)


  • Vivi Devereaux

    Vivi Devereaux

    Waiter (uncredited)


  • Barbra Dunn

    Barbra Dunn

    Restaurant Patron (uncredited)


  • Jerald Garner

    Jerald Garner

    Kara's Friend / Singer / Dancer (uncredited)


  • Roger Groh

    Roger Groh

    Box Office Manager (uncredited)


  • Aimee Adams Hall

    Aimee Adams Hall

    Rani's Friend (uncredited)


  • Cary Huff

    Cary Huff

    Boyfriend on movie date (uncredited)


  • Rowan Joseph

    Rowan Joseph

    Angry Soccer Dad (uncredited)


  • Kathryn Le

    Kathryn Le

    Connie (uncredited)


  • Hans Marrero

    Hans Marrero

    Gardner (uncredited)


  • Garry Marshall

    Garry Marshall

    Musician (uncredited)


  • Joe Mantegna

    Joe Mantegna

    Angry Driver (uncredited)


  • Kristin Mellian

    Kristin Mellian

    Bistro Gardens Waitress #2 (uncredited)


  • Angie Patterson

    Angie Patterson

    Nanny (uncredited)


  • Gladys Khan

    Gladys Khan

    Indian Groom Ajay's Mother (uncredited)


  • Mobin Khan

    Mobin Khan

    Indian Groom Ajay's Father (uncredited)


  • Taylor McCluskey

    Taylor McCluskey



  • Ash McNair

    Ash McNair

    Wedding Guest (uncredited)


  • Aaron Pushkar

    Aaron Pushkar

    Bistro Gardens Bartender (uncredited)


  • Johnny Sale

    Johnny Sale

    Cougar's Date (uncredited)


  • Derek Theler

    Derek Theler

    Masseur (uncredited)


  • Emily Moss Wilson

    Emily Moss Wilson

    Kissing Girl (uncredited)


  • Greg Wilson

    Greg Wilson

    Kissing Guy (uncredited)


  • Joel Zaldivar

    Joel Zaldivar

    Beach Lover Boyfriend (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America