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The coast is toast.

An earthquake shatters a peaceful Los Angeles morning and opens a fissure deep into the earth, causing lava to start bubbling up. As a volcano begins forming in the La Brea Tar Pits, the director of the city's emergency management service, working with a geologist, must then use every resource in the city to try and stop the volcano from consuming LA.

Release Date : 25 Apr, 1997
Duration : 1h 44m
Science Fiction Action Drama Thriller
Vote Average : 5.854 Vote Count : 1,239 Popularity : 20.152

Top Billed Casting

  • Tommy Lee Jones

    Tommy Lee Jones

    Mike Roark


  • Anne Heche

    Anne Heche

    Dr. Amy Barnes


  • Gaby Hoffmann

    Gaby Hoffmann

    Kelly Roark


  • Don Cheadle

    Don Cheadle

    Emmit Reese


  • Jacqueline Kim

    Jacqueline Kim

    Dr. Jaye Calder


  • Keith David

    Keith David

    Lt. Ed Fox


  • John Corbett

    John Corbett

    Norman Calder


  • Michael Rispoli

    Michael Rispoli

    Gator Harris


  • John Carroll Lynch

    John Carroll Lynch

    Stan Olber


  • Marcello Thedford

    Marcello Thedford



  • Laurie Lathem

    Laurie Lathem



  • Bert Kramer

    Bert Kramer

    L.A. Fire Chief


  • Bo Eason

    Bo Eason

    Bud McVie


  • James MacDonald

    James MacDonald

    Terry Jasper


  • Dayton Callie

    Dayton Callie

    Roger Lapher


  • Michael Cutt

    Michael Cutt



  • Kevin Bourland

    Kevin Bourland

    Bob Davis


  • Valente Rodriguez

    Valente Rodriguez

    Train Driver


  • Susie Essman

    Susie Essman



  • Gerry Black

    Gerry Black

    Train Passenger


  • Sheila Howard

    Sheila Howard

    Panicked Woman / Nanny


  • Lou Myers

    Lou Myers

    Pastor Lake


  • Gareth Williams

    Gareth Williams



  • Juan Gabriel Reynoso

    Juan Gabriel Reynoso



  • Angela Albarez

    Angela Albarez

    Lydia Perez


  • Richard Penn

    Richard Penn

    Middle Aged Man


  • Jennifer Estlin

    Jennifer Estlin

    Nurse Fran


  • Mickey Cottrell

    Mickey Cottrell

    Councilman Gates


  • Darnell Suttles

    Darnell Suttles

    Chief Sindelar


  • Ken Kerman

    Ken Kerman

    Museum Guard


  • Sal Rendino

    Sal Rendino

    Storm Drain Worker #1


  • Michael Manuel

    Michael Manuel

    Storm Drain Worker #2


  • Jared Thorne

    Jared Thorne



  • Taylor Thorne

    Taylor Thorne



  • Richard Schiff

    Richard Schiff



  • Brad Blumenthal

    Brad Blumenthal

    Ken Woods


  • Pete Kasper

    Pete Kasper

    Kenny Lopez


  • Brian Markinson

    Brian Markinson

    O.E.M. Staffer #1


  • Robert Wisdom

    Robert Wisdom

    O.E.M. Staffer #2


  • Katie Rich

    Katie Rich

    O.E.M. Staffer #3


  • Ceal Coleman

    Ceal Coleman

    O.E.M. Staffer #4


  • Phil Nee

    Phil Nee

    O.E.M. Staffer #5


  • Gary Carlos Cervantes

    Gary Carlos Cervantes

    O.E.M. Staffer #6


  • George Zaver

    George Zaver

    O.E.M. Staffer #7


  • Marty Levy

    Marty Levy

    O.E.M. Staffer #8


  • Wayne Grace

    Wayne Grace

    O.E.M. Staffer #9


  • John Bishop

    John Bishop

    Paramedic #1


  • Marcia Del Mar

    Marcia Del Mar

    Kitchen Worker


  • Mother Love

    Mother Love

    Traffic Cop


  • Kayli DiGregorio

    Kayli DiGregorio

    Triage 7 Year Old


  • Kelsi DiGregorio

    Kelsi DiGregorio

    Triage 7 Year Old


  • Steven Mainz

    Steven Mainz

    K-Rail Driver


  • Josie Dapar

    Josie Dapar

    Survivor #1


  • Joy Baggish

    Joy Baggish

    Survivor #2


  • Ron Perkins

    Ron Perkins

    Fire Chief


  • Todd Sible

    Todd Sible



  • Joshua Fardon

    Joshua Fardon



  • Catherine Schreiber

    Catherine Schreiber

    Displeased Protestor


  • David Pressman

    David Pressman

    Second Protestor


  • Danny Comden

    Danny Comden



  • Michael McGrady

    Michael McGrady



  • Michole Briana White

    Michole Briana White

    E.R. Nurse #1


  • Steve MacLaughlin

    Steve MacLaughlin

    Construction Supervisor


  • Howard DuVall

    Howard DuVall

    Engineer #1


  • Sam Alejan

    Sam Alejan

    Engineer #2


  • Gary Kent James

    Gary Kent James

    Engineer #3


  • Robert Tittor

    Robert Tittor

    Engineer #4


  • John Edson

    John Edson

    Engineer #5


  • David T. Mabowe

    David T. Mabowe

    Engineer #6


  • Ken Thomas

    Ken Thomas

    Engineer #7


  • Eddie J. Low

    Eddie J. Low

    Engineer #8


  • Georganna Barry

    Georganna Barry

    Java Lady


  • Tom Crabson

    Tom Crabson

    Passenger on Train


  • Rick Rogers

    Rick Rogers

    Sgt. Riley


  • Jillian Barberie

    Jillian Barberie

    Self - The Media


  • Larry Carroll

    Larry Carroll

    Self - The Media


  • Penny Griego

    Penny Griego

    Self - The Media


  • Jeremy Thompson

    Jeremy Thompson

    Self - The Media


  • Jennifer Bjorklund

    Jennifer Bjorklund

    Self - The Media


  • Angie Crouch

    Angie Crouch

    Self - The Media


  • Terry Anzur

    Terry Anzur

    Self - The Media


  • Rick Garcia

    Rick Garcia

    Self - The Media


  • Jane Velez-Mitchell

    Jane Velez-Mitchell

    Self - The Media


  • Dorothy Lucey

    Dorothy Lucey

    Self - The Media


  • Karl T. Wright

    Karl T. Wright

    Self - The Media


  • Greg Bronson

    Greg Bronson

    Boom Operator (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America