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You're So Cupid

You're So Cupid

Fraternal twin sisters Emma and Lilly are as different as night and day. Emma, the beautiful blonde tomboy, would rather be riding a horse than anything else in the world. While Lilly, her shy redheaded twin, loves to be left alone to curl up with a good book. Emma and Lilly have an insatiable desire to play matchmaker, because their father is actually Cupid. Life gets complicated when they discover they're in love with the same guy and they become bitter rivals as they try to win his affection. But can Emma and Lily overcome their problems and use their matchmaking skills to bring their parents back together?

Release Date : 06 Nov, 2010
Duration : 1h 33m
Fantasy Drama Science Fiction Romance Family
Vote Average : 6.234 Vote Count : 77 Popularity : 8.31

Top Billed Casting

  • Lauren Holly

    Lauren Holly

    Audrey Valentine


  • Brian Krause

    Brian Krause

    Daniel Valentine


  • Jeremy Sumpter

    Jeremy Sumpter



  • Caitlin E.J. Meyer

    Caitlin E.J. Meyer

    Lily Valentine


  • Danielle C. Ryan

    Danielle C. Ryan

    Emma Valentine


  • Amanda Gallo

    Amanda Gallo



  • Melise




  • Chad Hively

    Chad Hively



  • Jessica Jackson

    Jessica Jackson



  • Susan Phelan

    Susan Phelan

    Mrs. Porter


  • Zack Phifer

    Zack Phifer

    Principal Barlow


  • Logan Rogan

    Logan Rogan



  • Nikola Clark

    Nikola Clark



  • Dayne Rockwood

    Dayne Rockwood



  • Michael James Brown

    Michael James Brown

    Pizza Delivery Guy


  • Juliette Lyde

    Juliette Lyde

    Young Emma Valentine


  • Grace Hallows

    Grace Hallows

    Young Lily Valentine


  • Lindsay Bird

    Lindsay Bird

    Young Audrey


  • Aaliyah Lightfoot

    Aaliyah Lightfoot

    Cute Girl


  • Luke Porter

    Luke Porter



  • Ethan Lyde

    Ethan Lyde

    Kissing Boy


  • Monique Baird

    Monique Baird

    Kissing Girl


  • Adam Baird

    Adam Baird

    Pretentious Thug


  • Zack Bullock

    Zack Bullock

    Handsome Thug


  • Adam Kaiser

    Adam Kaiser

    Really Cute Boy


  • Shalaina Castle

    Shalaina Castle



  • Bryton Catlett

    Bryton Catlett

    Student (uncredited)


  • Christopher K. Hagadone

    Christopher K. Hagadone

    Kickball Player (uncredited)


  • Crystal Sargent

    Crystal Sargent

    Student (uncredited)


  • Stacey Ann Turner

    Stacey Ann Turner

    Student (uncredited)


  • Lauren Wright

    Lauren Wright

    Student (uncredited)




Original Language


Production Country

United States of America