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Your Name.

Your Name.

It was almost like seeing something out of a dream, nothing more or less than a breathtaking view.

High schoolers Mitsuha and Taki are complete strangers living separate lives. But one night, they suddenly switch places. Mitsuha wakes up in Taki’s body, and he in hers. This bizarre occurrence continues to happen randomly, and the two must adjust their lives around each other.

Release Date : 26 Aug, 2016
Duration : 1h 46m
Romance Animation Drama
Vote Average : 8.513 Vote Count : 10,320 Popularity : 72.674

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$ 357,986,087


A review by Gimly

Written by Gimly on 06 Feb, 2017

I would never take it away from anyone, but I was underwhelmed. _Final rating:★★ - Definitely not for me, but I sort of get the appeal._...

A review by BecauseImBatman

Written by BecauseImBatman on 24 Feb, 2017

It has beautiful animation and beautiful characters. It is a funny, sweet and emotional roller coaster of a crowd-pleaser that manages to win your heart....

A review by Reno

Written by Reno on 27 Apr, 2017

**They're no strangers, yet they've never met.** Probably the most anticipated anime since the final film of Mr. Miyazaki. Because people know what these guys are capable of. This is one per cent sci-fi and 99 per cent fantasy. The concept is not new for us. From 'Freaky Friday' to 'The Lake Hous...

A review by r96sk

Written by r96sk on 07 Mar, 2021

An absolutely stunning film! There is nothing to even marginally dislike about 'Your Name'. The animation is sensational, breathtaking in fact. The amount of detail, particularly in Tokyo, is insane. It's utterly gorgeous to watch. Then you have the magnificent story, which is filled ...

A review by lowkimhoe

Written by lowkimhoe on 25 Jun, 2022

The most romantic movies I have been seen. This is a must watched movie in lifetime!...

A review by Nathan

Written by Nathan on 16 May, 2023

Your Name is a film that captivates its audience from beginning to end with its superb and incredibly unique storyline. The body swap genre is one that has been explored in various films, but the way it was intertwined with a love story in Your Name is brilliant. What sets this film apart is its ref...

A review by tropicalicecedar

Written by tropicalicecedar on 26 Jul, 2023

"Your Name" weaves a delightful tale of two high schoolers, Mitsuha and Taki, whose lives take an unexpected turn when they start swapping bodies. The unique and captivating plot keeps you on the edge of your seat, as you follow their incredible journey of self-discovery and connection. With a perfe...