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Namely Liberty videos provide in-depth information to all the viewers and keep them updated on the latest buzz that may be doing the rounds. While watching videos on the Namely Liberty platform you may like to download the videos in your video library. Hence, you can use an efficient Namely Liberty Video Downloader better known as LiveDownloading to continue downloading your favorite videos. Here is a quick look at different sequential steps to download Namely Liberty videos.

How to Download From Namely Liberty

.0 1

Copy the Namely Liberty TV video

For Desktop

Step 1: You may start with, simply launching the internet browser on your desktop.

Step 2: After opening the internet browser, you should search for the relevant Namely Liberty video by typing the title of the video on the search bar of

Step 3: Now you must be ready to copy the Namely Liberty video link from the address bar of the page playing the video by pressing the CTRL+C keys simultaneously. You may also copy the URL by right-clicking on the duly selected URL and selecting the Copy option.

For Mobile

Step 1: Open the relevant browser on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Search and play the required Namely Liberty video.

Step 3: While you are watching the video, you may copy the video URL by giving one mild tap on the address bar and choosing the Copy option.

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Paste the Namely Liberty TV video

Step 1: The step that follows, is to open web page on the other tab of your internet browser.

Step 2: Now click on the blank text field that is shown in the middle of the home page and press CTRL+V buttons in one go for pasting the Namely Liberty Video link that you copied following Step 1.

Step 3: Now you can click on the Download button to initiate downloading using Namely Liberty Video Downloader. Also, please do ensure that the Namely Liberty video you are likely to download is permissible to be downloaded by the public.

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Choose the video format

Step 1: LiveDownloading provides ample downloadable video format options to choose from.

Step 2: As and when you happen to click on the Download button, a comprehensive list of several downloadable formats will get displayed on the screen.

Step 3: Besides copying and pasting the Namely Liberty link, you should also mark your preference by clicking on the Download button reflected against each of the downloadable formats.

.0 4

Download the Namely Liberty TV video

After choosing one of the downloadable video formats and following all the above sequential steps, you can now click on the Download button to finally get the Namely Liberty video downloaded on your computer or laptop using the Namely Liberty Video Downloader. After ensuring that the downloaded file is saved on your hard disk, you can enjoy watching it without having any need to go online.

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