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OurTube platform is full of informative videos watching which you may want to download fewer ones to see later. Not much is required to download your favorite OurTube videos except the fact that you need to have a renowned OurTube Video downloader that is available in the form of livedownloading.com. Using LiveDownloadingApplication you can easily download your preferred OurTube videos so don’t wait but take a quick look at this user-friendly guide to know more about downloading your favorite OurTube videos.

How to Download From OurTube

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Copy the OurTube Video

For Desktop

Step 1: In the very beginning, you should open the browsing application and must punch in ourtube.co.uk followed by pressing the Enter key.

Step 2: After navigating the OurTube portal, find your favorite video that you wish to download and play it so that you can copy its web address as mentioned in the succeeding step.

Step 3: Now while your OurTube video is being played, just click on the address bar and select the full link of your OurTube video. After selecting the entire web address press the CTRL+C buttons from your keyboard simultaneously.

For Mobile

Step 1: By using Smartphone also you can download your favorite OurTube video. Simply tap on your preferred internet browser and open the OurTube portal by punching ourtube.co.uk and tapping the Go button.

Step 2: Now tap on the video tile of your preferred OurTube video and allow it to play.

Step 3:The duration for which your OurTube video is being played, you can simply tap on the address bar and choose the Copy option.

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Paste the OurTube Video

Step 1: At this moment launch a new tab on your internet browser by pressing CTRL+T and open the home page of LiveDownloadingUtility.

Step 2: Now when you are on the home page of LiveDownloadingApplication, simply click on the search box and press CTRL+V buttons together to paste the URL of your favorite OurTube Video.

Step 3: Here you are just required to press the Download button to download your favorite OurTube video. But before doing this, make sure that your favorite OurTube video can be downloaded b the public at large.

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Choose the video format

Step 1: LiveDownloadingUtility offers a wide range of downloading options in the form of multiple formats for downloading OurTube video.

Step 2: As and when you click on the Download button you will get to see a big list of all downloadable formats offered by LiveDownloadingUtility.

Step 3: Here you just have to make a decision as to which format you want to download your OurTube video in.

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Download the OurTube Video

After exercising all the necessary steps discussed above, simply click on the specific Download button to get your copy of OurTube video downloaded using LiveDownloadingUtility as the preferred OurTube Video Downloader.

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