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Bastyon.com is an integrated platform that brings in videos from different domains ranging from Politics to Finance and Investments. Watching these informative videos cannot just give you more information but can also prompt you to download your favorite Bastyon Video using LiveDowloadingUtility as the best Bastyon Video Downloader. Here is a quick walkthrough that will surely help you in getting your most preferred Bastyon video downloaded instantly.

How to Download From Pocketnet

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Copy the Pocketnet Video

For Desktop

Step 1: In a bid to begin the process of downloading your favorite Bastyon video switch to opening the frequently used browsing application followed by launching the Bastyon portal.

Step 2: Now endeavor into searching for your favorite Bastyon video and allow it to play subsequently.

Step 3: While your preferred Bastyon video is being played on the Bastyon portal click the web address bar and copy the URL of your favorite Bastyon video after highlighting the same using the on-screen pointer.

For Mobile

Step 1: Downloading Bastyon video using your Smartphone initiates with tapping on the icon of your preferred browsing application.

Step 2: In the next step you are required to play your favorite Bastyon video after duly searching it on the Bastyon portal.

Step 3: Now when your preferred Bastyon video is being played on your Smartphone, tap on the address bar and choose the Copy option to copy the link of your favorite Bastyon video.

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Paste the Pocketnet Video

Step 1: You can now launch a new tab by simultaneously pressing CTRL+T buttons and open LiveDownloadingUtlity on it.

Step 2: When the home page of LiveDownloadingUtility gets loaded, click on the centrally displayed search box and press the CTRL+V buttons on your keyboard to paste the Bastyon video URL that is copied earlier.

Step 3: The next task to be accomplished is to press the Download button after enquiring whether your favorite Bastyon video can be downloaded.

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Choose the video format

Step 1: To download your preferred Bastyon video, LiveDownloadingUtility has a format-laden rich list of multiple downloadable formats.

Step 2: As you embark on clicking the Download button you are bound to see a bigger list of several formats in either of which you can get a copy of your favorite Bastyon video downloaded.

Step 3: At this stage of downloading Bastyon video, you must have made a clear choice as to which format you are willing to get your Bastyon video downloaded.

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Download the Pocketnet Video

Finally, when you have got over with executing the earlier steps for downloading the Bastyon video, click on the Download button of your preference to get a copy of your Bastyon video downloaded using LiveDownloadingUtility as your preferred Bastyon video downloader.

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