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Being on Snapchat gets you a multitude of videos to see and share. But you would want to download interesting and amazing Snapchat videos for watching it anytime that you may prefer. So, to download your favorite Snapchat videos, all you need is an effective Snapchat Video downloader in the form of Here is a step-by-step guide aimed at taking you through the entire process of downloading Snapchat videos using

How to Download From Snapchat


Copy the Snapchat Video

For Snapchat video download on Desktop

Step 1: On a preliminary basis, launch the internet browser using your desktop.

Step 2: After you have opened the home page of your internet browser, open the Snapchat social media platform to search and play your favorite Snapchat video.

Step 3: When the Snapchat video is being played you must copy its URL from the address bar of the page.

Step 4: To copy the URL, you must first select the entire Snapchat video link by pressing the CRTL+C keys at the same time. You may also right-click on the selected web address and choose the Copy option from the list that pops up.

For Snapchat video download on Mobile

Step 1: Open the internet browser’s home page on your phone.

Step 2: Search and play the Snapchat video you like downloading.

Step 3: When you are watching the Snapchat video on your phone, just go to the topmost address bar and select the entire Snapchat video link.

Step 4: After you have selected the complete Snapchat video URL, tap on it for a couple of seconds to choose the Copy option. In this way, the web address of your favorite Snapchat video will get copied.


Paste the Snapchat Video

Step 1: The next step that you should perform is to open the LiveDownloading home page by entering on another tab of your internet browser.

Step 2: Go on to click on the search bar of and press the CTRL+V buttons simultaneously for ultimately pasting the web URL of your favorite Snapchat video that you have copied earlier.

Step 3: The following step entails clicking on the Download button after ensuring that your favorite Snapchat video is available for download by the public at large.


Choose the Video Format

Step 1: The LiveDownloading platform ideally offers several formats in either of which you can download the Snapchat video.

Step 2: In this step, you must click on the download button that is going to display a complete and comprehensive list of downloadable formats in which you can download your favorite Snapchat video.

Step 3: Please note that every format also has a corresponding Download button. After you have selected your preference, you must be ready to click on the relevant Download button.


Download Snapchat Video

After you have carried out all the necessary steps discussed above, you can now click on the relevant Download button which will result in your favorite Snapchat video getting downloaded using Snapchat Video downloader. You can watch and share the downloaded Snapchat video at your ease and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Snapchat is America’s instant messaging and amenity development. Here we can send and record many videos and share them. To download the video clips, we should have the Snapchat downloader, we can go with the LiveDownloading downloader to download the Snapchat videos. This is one of the free Snapchat story video downloaders we have with easy access. All we have to do is copy the link to the required video and paste it onto the downloader address bar. Here the video will be ready to download and you watch it whenever you want.

The easiest way to get Snapchat using the link is, firstly we need to have a downloader for Snapchat. This downloader helps us in getting the video download first. One of the features of Snapchat is that the messages or the pictures we sent will be available for some time only, so it is far better to get the video downloaded. To download Snapchat videos we must and should have a downloader, though we have many options Livedownloading is one of the best downloaders for the Snapchat video downloader. To download the video, we must copy the link and paste it onto the Snapchat downloader. Before getting the video, we have to set the video quality for good clarity.

The collection of snaps that are seen on anyone’s story feed. This will last for 24hrs and gets deleted automatically. To download any video, story, or photo we need to have a Snapchat downloader. Livedownloading is unique and is one of the best to get online download Snapchat story videos. To download the story from Snapchat we have to copy the related video clip and paste it on the Livedownloading so that we can access the video very fast and safe to save it into the folder.

Downloading the video process for an Android or desktop will be the same for both. To get the video we must have a Snapchat downloader like LiveDownloading. One of the best things to download on mobile is we can access and carry it easily where ever we go. LiveDownloading is one of the best Snapchat downloader online on phone. Copy the URL address from Snapchat and paste it on the downloader. Once it is ready and downloaded it will be saved to the folder.

Watching our favorite video is one of the best times to pass and relax. So here is a tool to download Snapchat videos to mobile, phone, or desktop. Livedownloading works best for Snapchat video download online. To get the video print the link from Snapchat and paste it on the downloader address bar. Once the video is ready to download make sure the quality and the resolution are mentioned.

To use the Snapchat video downloader, if we want to download any video from Snapchat, we have to copy the URL address and paste it into the Snapchat URL downloader to get the video. As the video is downloaded it will be kept to the folder. The downloading process is the same for both the desktop as well as the phone.

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