Word Counter

As users, the Demand for writing and editing develops daily, counting words and characters, checking sentences, check grammar mistakes or word space which cannot be performed manually. As a result, the need for a free online word counter tool that allows writers to do all the above processes.

Word Counter is a free online tool that could calculate how many words are in a paragraph or even the entire word to be counted for an essay, book, or novel.

The process to check Word counts:

To check the count of words, simply place your cursor into the textual box above and start typing. You'll see the variety of characters and words increase or decrease as you type, delete, and edit them. You may also copy and paste textual content from another application over into the online editor tool.

Word Counter principal features:

To meet the users' demands from primary to advanced, word Counter is featured with some functions such as:

Count Words:

To calculate the word number in a file, this function turned into created to find out the accurate indicator that enables the author/creator to attain the specific requirement of length in their document.

Character Counter:

Knowing the number of characters in a text could be very crucial. For instance, if an author has to write down correct writing, record, story, e-book, or essay that meets the specific necessities of length, this feature will assist them to make sure its character count doesn't move beyond the limit.


This function changed created and evolved to fulfill the need to count number the number of sentences in a paragraph, essay, report, or book.


This free function will help you to find out what number of paragraphs are for your file.


With the web page word counter characteristic, you can easily estimate the spaces in the words and sentences in your document.

Advantages of this free online word counter tool:

1: Multiple Purposes:

This word counter tool site, they have all the features together so that you have the correct writing format. Such as they show characters, sentences, spaces, word count, and paragraphs in the text box below.

2: Display all detail in one view:

This tool had this benefit as it shows all the features in one view so that you can work easily. It gives you comfortable and smooth writing to complete your work.

3:Easy optimized for lengthy content:

This tool is easy to handle with lengthy content so that you can check easily such as space character or word in-length content, which lead you correct writing without any error.

4:Work efficiency:

This word counter tool gives you full work efficiency in your writing work which need by the author or writer. So for the writer, this is an effective tool to work with.

5: Free Tool

This is a free word counter tool for the writer or author to give them smooth and comfortable writing without any charge or subscription.


Q1: Whom this tool is used?

This word counter tool is used by content writers, authors or students to completer their documents efficiently.

Q2: what is the word counter app?

Word Counter will provide you with the capability to remember the range of occurrences of various words in the textual content. It'll additionally display the total words or characters counted.

Q3: Why is word count important?

Word counter is vital as it helps you choose your readers. For example, in case you write a novel and it's long, about 100,000 words long, then evidently there can be some readers to whom it isn't appropriate as it has long content, so it's effective for this purpose.

Q4: Why word counter is important in a project?

In academic assignments, sticking to a word count suggests that you not only know your stuff but which you also realize a way to definitely and briefly explain it to others.

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