Video Downloader portal showcases a huge number of videos on different areas ranging from politics to social justice watching which may actually prompt you to download your preferred videos using LiveDownloading Portal as the most reliable video downloader. The steps associated with downloading your preferred videos are pretty simple and innovative to make your video downloading experience extremely enriching. So, kindly go through the entire procedure of downloading videos enshrined in this quick user guide to know a little more about it.

How to Download From

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Copy the video

For Desktop Download

Step 1: In the most ideal scenario of downloading your preferred video, you have to begin by launching your preferred internet browsing application well succeeded by opening the video portal.

Step 2: Next what you are required to do is to search for your preferred video and facilitate playing it further for copying its web address in the next step.

Step 3: Now when the video portal is playing your preferred video you just have to select the entire video URL followed by copying the link by pressing CTRL+C keys on the highlighted video web link.

For Smartphones Download

Step 1: You may also prefer downloading your favorite video using your Smartphone as the desired downloading device by first opening your favorite internet browser on your Smartphone followed by launching the video portal.

Step 2: Next you have to do a search for the required video on the portal after which you have to allow your preferred video to be played.

Step 3: Now the moment your preferred video is being played all you have to do is to tap on the address bar of the page displaying your favorite video followed by tapping the Copy option to get the URL of the video copied.

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Paste the video

Step 1: At this point in time just quickly open LiveDownloading Portal in a new tab by pressing CTRL+T buttons on your keyboard simultaneously in a bid to move ahead with the process of downloading your preferred video.

Step 2: Now when you see the search box on the LiveDownloadingPortal’s main webpage, just click on the search box and press the CTRL+V buttons together to paste the link of your favorite video that you copied earlier.

Step 3: Now just press the big Download button after making sure that your favorite video is allowed to be downloaded.

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Choose the video format

Step 1: Please note that your LiveDownloadingPortal is fully loaded with several compatible formats for downloading your favorite video.

Step 2: When you click on the Download button a collective list of all available formats for downloading your preferred video will get displayed.

Step 3: Now you have to decide on the best-suited format for getting a copy of your favorite video downloaded using LiveDownloading Portal as the best choice video downloader.

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Download the video

Finally, when you are over with executing all the interconnected steps helpful in downloading your favorite video, just press the Download button of your choice to eventually get a copy of your favorite video downloaded using LiveDownloading Portal as the best video downloader. Now after the entire downloading process is completed you may watch your favorite video by being offline.

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