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HighWire was founded in the year 1995 by Stanford University. Later on, in 2020, it was acquired by MPS limited. This company is a leading provider of learning solutions, content, and platforms for the digital world. Scholarly publishers use this platform to bring their digital experiences to life. If you watch HighWire videos often and you want to download those videos, then you can easily get that job done by visiting the LiveDownlaoding website. The LiveDownlaoding platform allows users to download different videos. If you wish to download HighWire videos from LiveDownloading, then you can easily do that by going to the HighWire video downloader of LiveDownloading. Here, we have mentioned the steps by step process that you need to carry out to download the Highwire videos. So, let's get started.

How to Download From The HighWire


Copy the HighWire Video

For Desktop

Step 1: Open your internet browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, etc on your computer.

Step 2: After that, open the HighWire website on your browser.

Step 3: Start looking for the HighWire video that you want to download.

Step 4: Once you find the video, select its web address.

Step 5: Now, copy the web address you selected in the previous step.

For Mobile

Step 1: Open a web browser on your mobile device.

Step 2: Open the HighWire website on your browser.

Step 3: Start looking for the HighWire video that you want to download.

Step 4: Once you find the video, select its web address.

Step 5: In the final step, copy the web address you selected.


Paste the HighWire Video

Step 1: Open the LiveDownloading site on your browser.

Step 2: After that, navigate to the search area of LiveDownloading.

Step 3: Then, paste the web address of the HighWire video that you copied earlier.

Step 4: Before you hit the download button, make sure that the video you wish to download is public.


Choose the video format

Step 1: LiveDownloading provides a user with multiple format options.

Step 2: Choose the format option in which you want to download your video.

Step 3: After that, click on the download button.


Download the HighWire Video

Once you are done performing all the necessary steps mentioned above, the last thing that you need to do is to download the video. Click on the download button and then your video will get downloaded in a while. You can open the downloaded video by going to the Downloads folder on your PC. Double-click on the video to watch it offline. You can also share this video with your family and friends. You need to perform the same steps to download the HighWire video on your iOS and Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions

The HighWire is a journalism platform that provides unprecedented access to investigations and it’s one of the fast-growing and trusted talk shows in the digital media. If we want to download the HighWire video we need to have the video downloader. We have many options and choices to get the video downloaded, after many searches what we get to know is that LiveDownloading is one of the best video downloaders. Copy the URL address from the HighWire and paste it on the downloader, we will get the popup asking to download the video, it’s a free The High Wire video downloader. Video will be downloaded and saved to our desktop.

We have much new information and want to share it with people around us. When you are thinking sometimes High wire is also the best choice as it has good information about articles, science, etc. We can download or save any of the videos from their website easily. Click on the link of the Highwire video and copy the link on the downloader. LiveDownloading is one of the nicest ways to get the videos it is a free The Highwire podcast video download. Once you get the video save it to the relevant folder. The downloading process is the same for both the desktop and phone.

We can download the video for free once we have the best downloader on our desktop or phone. The Highwire uploads video related to science and articles that might be useful to the people around. If we want the video to download check the URL address of highwire and paste it on the LiveDownloading. It automatically gets ready to download the video and is one of the finest online The HighWire video downloader. The highwire video will be downloaded with good quality.

Livedownloading is simple to get The Highwire video download. This is one of the simplest downloaders that gives us the best video quality. Hand-picked highwire video we wanted to download and paste it onto the downloader. Such videos from the highwire are useful for all the people studying, elders, etc. We can do the same process for the mobile too. Check the video link we want to download and paste on the Highwire downloader. The downloader will ask for the quality and the resolution when you download the video. Once you give all the requirements you can download the video.

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