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Envato Elements web portal has a wide range of digital stuff and footage for all its viewers. Viewers generally get enthralled by watching such videos on Envato Elements portal, and their experience gets further amplified when they resort to download their most desired Envato Elements videos by availing the downloading service of an effective Envato Elements Video Downloader in the form of livedownloading.com. So just don’t wait and quickly glance over this user-friendly guide to comprehend the entire process of downloading your preferred Envato Elements Video using the LiveDownloading application.

How to Download From Envato Elements

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Copy the Envato Elements Video

For Desktop

Step 1: Initially, just launch the web browser you generally use followed by typing elements.envato.com on the browser’s home page and pressing the Enter button.

Step 2: Start playing your preferred Envato Elements Video after finding it on the Envato Elements portal.

Step 3: Now take note that in due course of the video being played, highlight the entire web address of the video. And, after highlighting the web URL of your preferred Envato Elements Video, choose the Copy option to copy the Envato Elements Video link. You can use CTRL+C keys instead to copy the Envato Elements link.

For Mobile

Step 1: Launch the internet browser’s home page on your Smartphone and open the Envato Elements Video platform.

Step 2: Navigate through to find your favorite Envato Elements Video and tap on the play button to let the video play.

Step 3: Now when your favorite Envato Elements video starts playing, just tap on the web address and copy it by selecting the Copy option.

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Paste the Envato Elements Video

Step 1: In the next sequence, open LiveDownloading portal by punching in livedownloading.com on another window of your internet browser.

Step 2: Now click on the blank text box shown in the middle of the Livedownloading home page, and paste the Envato Elements Video link that has been copied by following the steps above using the Paste option that gets reflected eventually. As an alternative way for pasting the Envato URL, you can press CTRL+V buttons at the same time.

Step 3: After pasting the Envato Video link, the next step is to press the Download button that is displayed alongside the text box containing the entire Envato Elements Video address. Do remember that the Envato video you need to download can be downloaded by the public at large.

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Choose the video format

Step 1: LiveDownloading offers several compatible downloadable formats for downloading your Envato Elements Video.

Step 2: So just when you click on the Download button, a list of all possible downloadable formats will start getting reflected along with the specific Download button.

Step 3: Make a choice and be prepared to click on either of the Download button to begin downloading your favorite Envato Elements video.

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Download the Envato Elements Video

Now after adhering to all the related steps discussed above, simply click on the Download button to get your copy of the Envato Elements video downloaded finally using Livedownloading as the widely recognized Envato Elements Video downloader. As soon as your copy of Envato Elements Video gets saved in the destination folder, just continue watching it despite being offline.

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